How Can I Join A Class Action?

Receiving notification of a Class Action Lawsuit At the beginning of a larger class action lawsuit, the court will order that notifications be sent out, via mail, to all potential plaintiffs. In a large pharmaceutical lawsuit, this is people who have a documented history of taking a prescription drug, and in a wage and hour action, it is employees, past and present, of the institution in question.

Plaintiff's counsel often employs other means to reach potential victims, such as creating web sites, publishing newspaper and magazine ads, or producing television and radio announcements.

If you receive or see any of these notifications, contact the associated legal counsel to discuss your potential involvement in the class action. Depending on the circumstances, you may decide to register with the particular class action or exercise your opt-out rights and pursue a legal action against the same defendant on your own.

Searching for a class action to join Some people may have to do a little searching to find a class action to join, and others may actually have to start one. The best place to begin your search is online. The web is often the first place that lawyers will post a request looking for people to join a class action. A simple search in your internet browser will let you know if others are taking legal action for similar injuries and offenses.

If you cannot find a class action to join, you may consider discussing your legal options with a local class action lawyer. They will be able to guide and advise you on the strengths of your case and the likelihood that others are experiencing similar problems.

In the end, a strong case is a strong case, and even if you do not find others to form a class action with, you can still pursue the matter as an individual plaintiff. Filing suit on your own carries the advantage of making a recovery that you do not have to divide among other class action members.

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What is a Los Angeles Class Action A class action is a type of lawsuit where one attorney or a small group of attorneys represent an entire class of people. Courts permit class actions in several types of litigation because when many people are similarly wronged, it is sometimes easier and more efficient for them (but perhaps not better for you) to combine all of the cases against the same defendant(s) in the same action. For this reason, the company being sued often settles for a sum that, when divided among the class action members, amounts to much less than what the class members would receive if they were compensated individually.

Complex state and federal laws govern class action lawsuits. Efforts to reform class actions at both the state and federal level mean the laws are changing frequently and becoming even more confusing. Therefore, it is critical that you consult with an experienced attorney if you receive notification that you may be a member of a class action.

Wage and Hour Class Actions State and federal labor laws strictly govern the treatment of employees regarding overtime, vacation benefits, bonuses, commissions, and adequate breaks and meal times. California's labor code is among the strictest in the United States, and in California it is easy for wage and hour cases to be certified as class actions. However, just because there is a wage and hour class action pending against your employer does not mean you must participate in it if you believe your wage and hour rights are being violated

Opt-Out Under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23 and California Rule of Court 3.766, members of most class action lawsuits must be given the opportunity to exclude themselves, or opt out, of the lawsuit if they would rather obtain their own legal counsel and seek their own remedies. However, studies show that class members opt out in less than 1% of all class actions. This suggests that many class members are unaware of their legal rights and may unintentionally be agreeing to accept an amount much lower than what they deserve without having their voices heard. Seek Experienced Legal Counsel

If you are a Los Angeles County resident and have received a notification that you are a member of a wage and hour class action lawsuit, it is important that you seek advice from an experienced attorney who can inform you of your rights and make sure your individual voice is heard. Contact the Law Offices of Robert R. Ronne, A.P.C. by filling out our email form for a case review:

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