January 14, 2008

bye livedoor

I'm moving my blog to: http://nutswamp.blogspot.com/

Haven't updated anything new, though.

1. i don't want to see many ads on the screen when updating my blog
2. it was a bit of a hassle to upload photos on livedoor blog (i don't have a livedoor pics account)
3. i can post entries on blogger from my mobile


December 31, 2007

0712_の.JPGI have installed Cantonese IME so I can now type Cantonese as long as I know how to pronounce.

There was a proposal of "の" for the pinyin of "ji", and it made me laugh.  It seems this hiragana is widely recognized in Cantonese world.

December 16, 2007


0711_Harvester.JPGThis is what you can get for about HKD40.  They are a buffet style restaurant so you can take bits of everything from many plates out there, and you just pay by weight.  Rice and soup (and also some sweet thing) come for free.

Of course it's a bit more expensive than average local cha chan teng (HK style restaurant), but not by too much.  Good deal for some healthy food, I reckon.

December 11, 2007


0711_HarvesterGreatest vegetarin restaurant ever.  I eat here Sat and Sun.  I'm lucky it's only 5 min walk from my place.

There is a friendly lady and she always talk to me in Mandarin as she thinks my Cantonese is poor.  But I actually understand when she tells other customers that I'm from Japan and I don't speak Cantonese.

November 22, 2007

good move

ParknShop first to stop handing out plastic bags (The Standard)

I welcome this move by ParknShop.  I've been reading voices in newspaper how Hong Kong needs to become more environmentally conscious, but hadn't really witnessed a concrete move until this news.

I guess as a whole Japan has better schemes for protecting enviroment than Hong Kong does but I don't really know a major retailor with the same (or better) policy as ParknShop's.  Maybe there are some but I just don't know.

November 11, 2007

hk marathon

I'm running half in Hong Kong Marathon on Feb 17.

Emergency contact person is Shin san so he should know if anything happens to me.

October 22, 2007


0709_Mikan.JPGThey almost made them look like stuff from Japan.

October 21, 2007

hk photo - cheung long

0704_JadeShopThis one is from Hong Kong.  It's a jade shop near my apartment.  They've got a cool name, too..

london photo - tas

0710_LondonTrip19A Turkish restaurant Alicia showed me in our walk around South Bank.  It's got a cool name.

london photo - hampstead heath

0710_LondonTrip38Now that I'd been to the National History Museum, I could tell the difference between horms and antlers.  No one was really impressed, though.