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1: オールジャンル 2016/01/10(日) 19:08:45.09
1. "Baby-faced" just got a whole new definition. no title

3. Nice to meet you. no title

4. Give this guy a treat! no title

5. Santa is on the run! no title

7. Woody has never looked so terrifying. no title

8. Love at first bite. no title

9. Feed the granny! no title

11. Dad's taking the kids to the pool!
no title

12. Celebrate! no title

13. The perfect couple. no title

2: オールジャンル 2016/01/10(日) 19:09:43.71
14. Baby daddy. no title

15. Well...there's that. no title

17. Nice day at the beach. no title

18. Finally! The face swap we've been waiting for.
20. Like father, like son. no title

21. The worst Christmas card ever. no title

22. Benjamin Button syndrome. no title

23. This is fabulous. no title

25. What a cute nap! Wait... no title

26. This is a little too close for comfort. no title

27. Sandy beaches! no title

28. Even President Obama isn't safe from face swaps. no title


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