おっす!Minna san!
Saikin shiawaseeeeeeeee! A GIRL MEETS BOSSANOVA II no Instore Live Promotion Yarimashita. Yokatta,tanoshikatta Minna watashino Live kitekureta arigatou! Ureshii
Guitarist san- Arai san kondo isshoni Live yaru ne!
My sincere thank yous to everyone for your support! Thank you for getting the album! I'm glad you like it :)

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celebrating my 21st Bday!!

H3y guys! Thank you for coming out and celebrating my 21st Bday!! Kando shimashita dayo :) Tks to the organisersss, u know who u r peeps ;D U guys are all so sweet! May our friendship continue to blossom! S@@ u and u and u around sometime soon (",)/


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Hello everyone!

First of all I noticed a lot of questions are asked about AGMB2. If you are wondering why AGMB2 is not up on my official website is because this website is mainly catered to Japanese and the managment team behind this website is Japan. Right now we are still doing promotions for TAMARILLO. One at a time and its all going good! AGMB2 will be released in Japan November, so till then no info on AGMB2 will be uploaded yet as also with other related performance update. Thank you all who hold AGMB2 in your hands! haha And also TKS for your support. Ureshiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Minna arigatou. You all are welcome to continue posting comments ;D Kansha desu!

INFORMATION will be further updated later.

I will be heading to Fukuoka this weekend for TAMARILLO promo as well as giving a 40min Live Performance.(info will be uploaded soon)

In the meantime, I will continue to ganbarimasu!(I'm looking forward to performing at that Live show!!) and you guys can continue to check in to my blog. Yo yo yo!
Before I say ta-ta for a while,9th to 10th Sept Shibuya Parco Stage Live kite kurete hito, arigatou! And hey, if you are enjoying yourself, and u feel like you wanna boogie(dance) along to my songs, by all means Dance! and have fun! Come on feel the flow~~tata

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Summer Memories

Minna genki? Minna no natsu yasumi ima made ni doudeshitaka? What are your
best summer memories for year 2006 or......is the best yet to come? ;D

I went for camp!!!
It was good and I had fun! Plus I made Japanese friends too :D Camp location
was at Akagi yama, Gunma, up in the mountains and stayed at a hostel. You guys know the movie Initial D? Yeah that's where the movie was filmed.Yokatta, tanoshikatta!



I will be off to Kyuushuu 15th~17thSept for more promo and another promotion Live. (more details will be up later)

Stage Performance ( for Tamarillo sales promotion )
9&10 Sept, 5pm~(15mins live)
Shibuya PARCO Part 1

Come on down for both if you can ;) haha
Minna zehi kitte ne!

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HI Yall!!

O Genkidashitaka


It's still the summer vacation for the Japanese and just last week, I got to
witness a very pretty 1 and a half hrs of non stop FIREWORKS. It's for the SUMMER festivals. Non stop action for at least 60mins over at Odaiba Bay area!! Amazing eh? 0(^-^)0 Spectacular would be the perfect word to describe it actually what with all those extra firework treats of Smiley faces, mushrooms, umbrellas, Mickey Mouse, starfish, hearts, waterfall...spewing glittering stars.....yup enjoyed it from all the way up on the 13th floor apartment(manager's) along with several other people!
So I will soon get them pics and yes I know other pics as well...as soon as
the other party gets back to moi! sorry abt tt ne~~


Oh..you make me blush ENE (#'-'#)v
To my fans in HK, Spore, Korea and elsewhere! Thank you for getting AGMB2 and we are happy you guys like it! Gd Gd Gdiee

Olivia ;D

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hisashiburi !!!!!!

Konichiwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Minna san!! (^-^)/
O genki deshitaka

Ok this is gonna be a lil' long entry..

Ive been busy. Just last week, I was back in Spore for a 5day work week trip to promote AGMB 2

AWwww.. To all of you guys who have gotten AGMB2......arigatou!xiexie!dorjiesai!kamrsahamnida!thank you! haha ureshii
I'm glad you like it! This whole project is all worth it and I'd like to thank the team, sessionist, and Jason T.!

Hmmm...unfortunately there are no plans up yet for live accoustic for AGMB2 at the moment but whatever it is, you guys will be updated for performances alritey? I would like to do a lil' small live show too but we'll see :D

YEah...! Tamarillo !we have just completed PV shooting for Make It Together. Tanoshimini! (looking forward!)

We also did a LIVE accoustic version for Make It Together for J-wave Radio.

Pics for behind the scenes will be up soon!

Okay guys
Sayonara for now but I'll be back soon Muahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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Back to Tokyo!!

Helloooo everyone! Im back inTokyo wit my momie. yeah! My mom cooks delicious food for me. im really thankful for my mom so praise God!Ive finished recording and had a photoshoot for AGMB 2 and so Im anticipating the finished products! Its good stuff. Look out for it!! It shld be out sometime in June. You guys will be updated. Im back in Tokyo to work on yet another album, a mini album summer treat!

U see my expression in that picture(sans make up, just got back frm the gym)? That says, "Wat?! All the way to/from Hong Kong and scotland?" You all are so sweet! Thank you for your support and do continue to support! hee Honto ni ureshiiiiiiiii desu! - im really happy+ glad.

Advice? Wow really seems like coincidence huh. Spore is an easy place to live in- multicultural, cosmopolitan, lotsa attractions like the Spore Nite Safari, Bird Park. Clubbing? ZOUK is a good place to start. Go visit Holland Village/East Coast Park for good cafes/bistros, China Town, Little India to name a few. Go read up! You know good food and music always bring ppl together. Ask abt where to find good local food, its a gd conversation starter!

Right now there are no fixed plans yet for a tour performance as several things are still in process but u will be updated :)

Kip ur comments coming!ciao for now



シンガポールで「a girl meets bossanova 2」のレコーディングとジャケット用の撮影が終わりました!すごくいい出来なので楽しみです!それとこれからは8月に発売予定のセカンドアルバムのレコーディングに入ります。




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in Seoul

Hi every one!
These are some of the photos taken when I was in Seoul a little over a month ago. I was there for interviews. These people really made my 2days stay in Seoul a real pleasant trip. Too bad...no sighting of Jang Dong Gun!!!!!


>From left: Radio interviewer.Me.Clare's good friend who was really friendly too

>From left: Jun.Me.Clare. Jun and Clare thanks for your hospitality! Hope tosee you guys again :D

>From left: Jennifer.Me.Clare

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Oops that should not gross you out. There are things far worse that will gross you out big time!!That's seafood spagetti, not bad.すぱげってぃー1

Really full after that meal as you can see from that dazed look of mine.Went out with a bunch of good friends.すぱげってぃー2
And that's Barry, a churchmate of mine.

Had a good Sunday peeps!すぱげってぃー3

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Hi everyone!
Ive been busy recording for A Girl Meets Bossanova 2 and all's going well.Can't wait for the finish product!

At the same time I have another mini album to work on too.Oh..that's really sweet of you...wow really? Make me so happy haha!Yeah carry on listening to my albums then ;D! You guys know whats in store right keke...2nd album coming out soon...AGBMN 2

Yeah I'd love to do some live shows here in Spore but not at this moment.Don't worry you guys will definitely be posted of my performances here.

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