Olivia Ong desu!

h3y everyone!
bbs is finally ready! great great!
Christmas is coming soon..
Alritey here's wishing everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!
and peeps, start posting!
oh i love CHRISTMAS ..o(^-^)o
minna genki de!

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1. Olivia Ong - Precious Stones  [ 【オススメオンガク】おすすめ音楽紹介サイト ]   2006年01月07日 21:25
/osusumeonga0e-22/ref=nosim" target="_blank">ラジオをつけていたらアルバム「Precious Stones」の中に入っている曲が全曲短縮されて流れてきた。すぐに魅力にとりつかれ、購入していた。このアルバム、制作に3年...


1. Posted by hohoho   2005年12月23日 19:05
5 hohoho iikanji
2. Posted by hahazZ   2005年12月24日 18:21
Hi. I'm from singapore. erm, was just wondering if you can post the lyrics of your song on your web. can't find them anywhere.
3. Posted by js   2005年12月24日 18:24
Hi.. Love ur song! =) Also frm S'pore..
4. Posted by Tomo   2005年12月25日 04:04
Hi♪ I write in it for the first time.
My name is TOMOMI. I'm a Japanese. And,I am 20 years old. It is the same age with you(^^)
I heard "Make It Mutual" and came to love your song. So,I bought "precious stones" and hear it every day.
Your voice is very good. And,you are very cute!
I still support you. Please do its best(^_^)v
5. Posted by wow   2006年01月30日 16:59
i'm from hong kong....
hong kong can't bought your cd >___<
Olivia Ong you was so good
6. Posted by Someone There   2006年02月01日 11:48
5 Hi there. your songs were great.

Your voice is great =) The song that make me buy your album is "Make It Mutal". Your album is money worth buying =)

looking forward to more of your albums.
7. Posted by Ric   2006年02月09日 23:06
Just drop in to say hi, and your songs were great.
I believe your dreams will come true, be the top of the star.
You done yourself proud, Carry on your Dream
8. Posted by max   2006年02月15日 14:48
Good job there! But I cannot really seem to find your album in Singapore, I will most probably buy a copy online..

Keep up the good work, good voice and good music! :)

Gambate! (^_^)


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