Little india !

Hello people! ;D
Yeah this was supposed to be sent a few days ago, however, due to some techical problem....
Anyway! Here it is...pics taken from a trip to Little India Singapore! I'dlike 2share wit yall. At the same time there was a casual photoshoot thatwent on too.

Ah here I am posing in the waiting area and gazing at the sky waiting to get my eyebrows done.
A clear view of how threading is done. I would go to L.I. to have my eyebrows threaded. And painful it may be but it's worth it. Check it out.Hello people! ;D pic 8

Threading gives a good clean and shapely neat eyebrows. I like it. Plus it's cheap! S$5-S$6. Only trust the Indians to be experts at threading. I usually head down to L.I. with my cousin + sista to have my eyebrows groomed or for
the food.

Yes yes there are good eateries there if ya know where to go.My cousin and my sista have keen interest in the Indian culture, the people,India and Bollywood! So they know places at L.I. too. Infact, they've beento India quite a few times as well. The interest and passion that they bothshare have enabled me to appreciate the Indian culture more. I'd like tocredit my cousin for introducing and recommending her favs as well as what's good.

Hello people! ;D pic7

Just look at the spread, a mixed of Napalese and Northern Indian dishes set before me...all yummylicious. Ooh yes yes yes you see that peice of naan I'm holding? My all time fav - Kashmiri naan, baked with sweet dried fruits is also an excellent complement with almost any Indian gravy. Ya know..I'm actualy quite a foodie person ;P! Anyone fancy for a meal at Aishiyana then?

We headed to check out some accessories at the Arcade, stopping by atKumar's shop. Just for fun, I was fitted with the Indian traditional wedding head dress. Pretty isn't it?The Indian culture from its costumes, fashion, beauty, food, bollywood filmsetc is truly unique and original.Hello people! ;D pic6
Why not include L.I. in your itenarary in your next stop at destination Singapore? Come on down to Little India sometime :D Plus there's a 24hr supermarket at Mustafa. Should be interesting!

Hello people! ;D pic9

ハーイ みんな!






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1. Posted by vickiro   2006年02月25日 01:15
5 Hey! It's great that you promote little india. That's the way to be a sporean yah? So wad? How long will u be in spore? Do u have plans to open a mini concert be4 u leave spore? I would really like to listen to u sing LIVE!! ;) That would save me the time n trouble to travel to japan n hear u, u know? I promise i will bring all my friends alon ok?
2. Posted by HRH Patrick   2006年03月15日 13:35
Hei there.Great time u must have in Lil India!Anyways,im from KL and I must say well done on your debut album precious.You are one fine looking lady.Hope to have a chance to know you someday.Good luck on your career.Im sure youll be a huge star..Live the dreams..
3. Posted by HRH Patrick   2006年03月15日 13:40
Btw,what is in the papaya that you were dining?
4. Posted by Edwin   2006年03月19日 14:48
Hi Olivia

I am from Singapore and i listen to your very first debut whenever i start the engine in my car on the way to work. It relaxes me before the start of my work and after work.Your beautiful voice seems to have a calming effect on me and the passengers in the car. I really hope to see your performance in Singapore someday. Are you planning to do any bossa nova in foreign language?


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