hisashiburi !!!!!!

Konichiwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Minna san!! (^-^)/
O genki deshitaka

Ok this is gonna be a lil' long entry..

Ive been busy. Just last week, I was back in Spore for a 5day work week trip to promote AGMB 2

AWwww.. To all of you guys who have gotten AGMB2......arigatou!xiexie!dorjiesai!kamrsahamnida!thank you! haha ureshii
I'm glad you like it! This whole project is all worth it and I'd like to thank the team, sessionist, and Jason T.!

Hmmm...unfortunately there are no plans up yet for live accoustic for AGMB2 at the moment but whatever it is, you guys will be updated for performances alritey? I would like to do a lil' small live show too but we'll see :D

YEah...! Tamarillo !we have just completed PV shooting for Make It Together. Tanoshimini! (looking forward!)

We also did a LIVE accoustic version for Make It Together for J-wave Radio.

Pics for behind the scenes will be up soon!

Okay guys
Sayonara for now but I'll be back soon Muahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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1. Posted by hideto   2006年08月18日 01:50
Ho Ho Ho..
I'm first to comment =|
Hey I introduce ur song to my friends few days ago, n they like it, i'll try to psycho them to buy your CD.. =D
Any way, gambatte ! Hope to see ur live concert.

2. Posted by Bernice   2006年08月18日 19:08
hey! i heard your songs on Lush 99.5fm and you're a really great singer. I'm definitely getting AGMB2 :)

3. Posted by brandon   2006年08月19日 09:10
5 hey olivia! found 'a girl in bossa nova 2' last night at a record store here in hk, completely by accident...and i absolutely luv it!!! i could ask for the 'kiss of life' anytime! wahahahahaha!!! just kidding - but your voice fits in so beautifully that it's simply unmissable!!! it's like floating on air everytime i hear it :-) so keep up the great work! take care... ;-)
4. Posted by ene   2006年08月20日 23:59
5 Hi there!

Bought your album when a record store was playing it at full blast. Have been playing it on repeat mode since! Brilliant album for a lazy day at the beach or a slow day at work. Great job and am even more proud that you're a fellow Singaporean!

5. Posted by Ray   2006年08月21日 01:41
U came back to singapore for promotion???? How come the news wasnt annouced? Or did i missed it???? Anyway my friend who was working at one of the music stores was telling me that AGMB 2 was sold out !!! That's great !!! btw, is the Tamarillo out in SG? I couldnt find it anywhere.


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