HI Yall!!

O Genkidashitaka


It's still the summer vacation for the Japanese and just last week, I got to
witness a very pretty 1 and a half hrs of non stop FIREWORKS. It's for the SUMMER festivals. Non stop action for at least 60mins over at Odaiba Bay area!! Amazing eh? 0(^-^)0 Spectacular would be the perfect word to describe it actually what with all those extra firework treats of Smiley faces, mushrooms, umbrellas, Mickey Mouse, starfish, hearts, waterfall...spewing glittering stars.....yup enjoyed it from all the way up on the 13th floor apartment(manager's) along with several other people!
So I will soon get them pics and yes I know other pics as well...as soon as
the other party gets back to moi! sorry abt tt ne~~


Oh..you make me blush ENE (#'-'#)v
To my fans in HK, Spore, Korea and elsewhere! Thank you for getting AGMB2 and we are happy you guys like it! Gd Gd Gdiee

Olivia ;D

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1. Posted by lucky1990   2006年08月26日 23:51
Olivia I really luv ur album ! And anyone knows when will tamarillo will
be out ?????
2. Posted by カイダ   2006年08月28日 18:02
Strangely, the album was released on the 9th Aug... someone still likes singapore? (*'-')b

anyway, it can be ordered from hmv jp

3. Posted by nikki   2006年08月29日 18:44
hi Olivia...

i'm from Singapore too... actually heard abt. u sometime ago. i like your voice! very sweet image too. anyway, all the best in Tokyo & do take care... hope to see u back in SG soon!


nikki... ^^;;
4. Posted by Elaine   2006年08月30日 23:21
! OHhh I know you! You're from the same high school as myself!! Anyway, nice to hear you've made success out of your passion! Hehe.. Anyway, good luck!
5. Posted by vickiro   2006年08月30日 23:25
Hello olivia,
U were in spore? Hw come i din know? It wasnt published in the media either. Sadz. Next time can you please inform us through your blog? By the way, do u have an online site where i can view your PV?
6. Posted by numero uno fan   2006年09月05日 17:06
olivia, u r just the best. i tink agmb 2 is one of the bestest album around amongst the bossanova genre.all the best
7. Posted by Lucky   2006年09月06日 00:40
Olivia, My wife and I both love your album AGMBN2. She's totally in love with your rendition of LOVE. :)

Will you be continuing the AGMBN series? We really hope so!!!

We wish you all the best and you'll have our support from back here in Singapore.

ps. You look gorgeous.

8. Posted by Konishi Yuichi @Osaka   2006年09月06日 01:21
Hi, Olivia. Nice to meet you^^.

I got the news that your stage in Hakata in September. But I live in Osaka. Hakata is it away from Osaka very much...

I will board a passenger ship to Hakata about two weeks later,
because ONLY to meet you. I look forward to your I look forward
to your stage heartily.
9. Posted by skydancer   2006年09月06日 09:56
Hi!I'm from Singapore and just want you to know that I love your bossanova albums!! I just wish you did more of that genre! Your vocals are simply crystal clear for that genre =]
10. Posted by Richard   2006年09月07日 22:22
4 Olivia,

How's going? I am from HK.
Got your AGMBN2 Album last week. You sounds great. I am a Jazz lover and I think you are quite good. Hope I can hear more jazz from you in the future. Keep up the good work.



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