Summer Memories

Minna genki? Minna no natsu yasumi ima made ni doudeshitaka? What are your
best summer memories for year 2006 or......is the best yet to come? ;D

I went for camp!!!
It was good and I had fun! Plus I made Japanese friends too :D Camp location
was at Akagi yama, Gunma, up in the mountains and stayed at a hostel. You guys know the movie Initial D? Yeah that's where the movie was filmed.Yokatta, tanoshikatta!



I will be off to Kyuushuu 15th~17thSept for more promo and another promotion Live. (more details will be up later)

Stage Performance ( for Tamarillo sales promotion )
9&10 Sept, 5pm~(15mins live)
Shibuya PARCO Part 1

Come on down for both if you can ;) haha
Minna zehi kitte ne!

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1. Posted by mia   2006年09月09日 21:49
You act in Fukuoka around 17th,right?
I will visit Singapore at that day:-(
please come back to Fukuoka and give a
concert again soon!
2. Posted by rujee   2006年09月10日 02:49
Hi Olivia. This is quite awkward for me since I never post comments on any blog before! Well, I guess everyone must have thier first time right? And for some odds reasons, here I am, posting my first comment! Anyway, would like to ask if you know any which distributor in Thailand distribute your album? I've been searching all over town and can't find any of your albums.

By the way, any plan for you to sing "Cry Me a River" as part of your next album?

Thanks! - Ruj
3. Posted by MARTY   2006年09月10日 22:08
10th sept.
I went to Parco to watch your concert!
I watched you for the first time.
I was surprised at you who were very wonderful.

Many Japanese are very shy.
In fact I wanted to dance with you.(T_T)

I expect your activity heartily.
(I am weak in English.....)

4. Posted by ku   2006年09月12日 05:04
Hi, I am Japanese living in SG.
Just got AGMB2, Wow, How sweet, lovely album !
The last track in Japanese is perfect in
pronounciation, better than original.
Hope ur good promo in Japan, seeing u in
concert some day.


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