Hello everyone!

First of all I noticed a lot of questions are asked about AGMB2. If you are wondering why AGMB2 is not up on my official website is because this website is mainly catered to Japanese and the managment team behind this website is Japan. Right now we are still doing promotions for TAMARILLO. One at a time and its all going good! AGMB2 will be released in Japan November, so till then no info on AGMB2 will be uploaded yet as also with other related performance update. Thank you all who hold AGMB2 in your hands! haha And also TKS for your support. Ureshiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Minna arigatou. You all are welcome to continue posting comments ;D Kansha desu!

INFORMATION will be further updated later.

I will be heading to Fukuoka this weekend for TAMARILLO promo as well as giving a 40min Live Performance.(info will be uploaded soon)

In the meantime, I will continue to ganbarimasu!(I'm looking forward to performing at that Live show!!) and you guys can continue to check in to my blog. Yo yo yo!
Before I say ta-ta for a while,9th to 10th Sept Shibuya Parco Stage Live kite kurete hito, arigatou! And hey, if you are enjoying yourself, and u feel like you wanna boogie(dance) along to my songs, by all means Dance! and have fun! Come on feel the flow~~tata

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1. Posted by Tawn chan   2006年09月20日 20:59
Hey Olivia,
Sorry for not being able to make it to your show at parco... I have you to believe me I really wanted to go.. demo shigoto wa isogashi deshita. How r u? My phone also broke great huh? Still inviting you to my friend's bbq in Yokosuka Naval base this saturday (23rd) and also Rhyme Right 4 at Shibuya AX... Some people performing are Bennie K, 2Backka, ALPHA, Soul'd OUt and some other people... it's on the 1st... so let me know asap if you could make it.. I have to let them know... email me at

2. Posted by trader2828@hotmail.com   2006年09月25日 05:35
5 Hey Olivia,

I've now got AGMBN 1 and 2!
When's 3 coming??? :D

You go, girl!
3. Posted by eliva.Zhang   2006年10月06日 22:48
ur voice is so nice!muamm``!
i like <a girl meets bossa nova>very much!
im a chinese gal and ive been to singapore``
i have a question thats ...你會中文嗎?hah^-^
4. Posted by ミュさん   2006年10月14日 02:37
Olivia Ongさん:



5. Posted by Jit   2006年10月24日 00:45
5 Hi olivia!
This is Jit
olivia に出会ってから、olivia のこともっと知りたくなるんだ〜
Hey I like yr songs, especially the song It's real. yr voice is great
waiting for yr next 日記
6. Posted by きじ   2006年11月27日 15:01
hello^^ i listened your song at yokohama yesterday^^  i wear red down jk

i like your voice☆ i hope you become pop in japan^^ がんばって☆
7. Posted by YQ   2007年10月01日 22:42
5 Kudos to your music.
Keep up the great work.


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