celebrating my 21st Bday!!

H3y guys! Thank you for coming out and celebrating my 21st Bday!! Kando shimashita dayo :) Tks to the organisersss, u know who u r peeps ;D U guys are all so sweet! May our friendship continue to blossom! S@@ u and u and u around sometime soon (",)/


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1. Posted by Tiago Ribeiro   2007年05月11日 05:12
Hi, im from Brazil, and love bossa nova.I heard it since i was a child. When i listen your music,i love imediatly.The sound is Fantastic, you mix the classic with modern very well. I guess you should do some advertises here.Your sound is great. By the way, i do this.

Let´s change some ideas.My e-mail is: tiagocr@hotmail.com
2. Posted by MoDKira   2007年10月01日 22:48
2hr 30min to 2th Oct 07.. Wishing u in advance Happy 22th Birthday..

MoDKira AKA ZaiG3
3. Posted by HIROKO   2008年10月28日 09:25
ジュディオングのコンサートでの歌声、素敵でしたー恋におちて(fall in love) mata utattekudasaine−!
4. Posted by Angie   2008年12月07日 20:30
Hi Olivia:-)
It seems like your blog hasn't been quite updated. But I'm glad I found it!
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy listening to your beautiful and perfect voice in singing "如燕"theme song for "The Little Nonya"! This song has now taken the whole of Singapore by storm and I just can't stop listening to it. You have to sing more chinese songs for us... I really really really love your voice!!! You're one talented girl!!! Thank you for making me so happy with your singing - you're just perfect!!!
5. Posted by melsky   2011年03月16日 08:20
1 hi! ms. olivia i really love your voice! i saw you on CHANNEL V PHILIPINES. btw, i'm jumel from PH. :) <3 i hope u read this my simple message

こんにちは!ミリ秒。オリビアは本当にあなたの声を愛して私!私はチャンネルVのフィリピンであなたを見た。ところで、私はPHからジュメルています。 :)<3私の希望は、この私の単純なメッセージを読んでuは

Tarkan - Hadi Bakal���m ���ark��� S���z��


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