In morning session, Nikkei started at 18,100 yen. It is 100 yen lower than yesterday. It is because previous day’s U.S market showed bad performance and the British CPI and German (ZEW) Economic sentiment index that were announced the day before yesterday’s were less than our consensus.  In addition, Chinese CPI that was announced yesterday morning showed bad performance too, therefore investors changed to be risk off and Nikkei continued falling.

Moreover, the list of 日本郵政 gropu contribute Nikkei falling, I think. The individual investor should sell the stocks till yesterday to prepare the money for buying 日本郵政stocks.


As viewed from sectors, the 鉄鋼, machinery, ゴム製品 shoed bad performance Because investors changed to be risk off and disliked export-related shares. Therefore fanack fall 3.5% and 村田製作所 fall 3.6%.

On the other hand, some domestic demand stocks showed good performance.


In U.S market, NY Dow ended

In China market


Today, I expect that index slightly goes down.

Yesterday, Nikkei was less than 18,000 yen easily. In addition, there are no reason to buy the stock now and the many global index showed bad performance . Therefore, I think the risk off mode will continue for the time being and Nikkei go down today.


CME is

I think Nikkei would range