What is the shopping loan?

When I do not have a credit card and cash, a representation procedure of the settlement is possible service at the time of shopping.

It is a shopping loan to be helpful when I purchase the jewel which is a high-priced line exceeding the ceiling by the credit card or a household appliance, the teaching materials.

Many people use a shopping loan, and the procedure seems to be possible by the Internet and the FAX.

It is the use of the shopping loan I perform an application procedure at the time of the product purchase to the sale on credit company, and to be enabled by receiving examination.

Being older than 20 years old, there being a stable income of the moon, the borrowing situation and the delay history from the other companies are checked by the examination.

It means that I cannot use the shopping loan when I do not pass examination.

It is absolutely necessary to think about settlement means for a worst state if it is the product which I want to purchase.

When because it is important to make a return plan well, use a shopping loan; is confirmation ておきましょう at a use condition and an interest rate beforehand.

When you use it when there is a thing wanting a shopping loan with a light feeling in front, may you not be troubled with return?

It is a simulation site of the loans of the Internet to want to inflect.

When I use a shopping loan, I will plan it with a space to the return number of times or the return total sum.

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