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Guide: Part 1D: Summary of how we win
By Johnny Cash on May 26, 2018
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The definitive guide to winning & losing in empowr

Visit the guide's table of contents here


Part 1: Exactly how we win

D.  Summary of how we win

OK, before moving forward...

... let’s summarize what we’ve discussed thus far in our ‘winning scenario’:


In our ‘winning scenario’:

A.  YOU win, by hitting your daily goals, providing valuable products and services, and doing so in a manner that builds and protects your reputation and ratings in all (buyer, seller, SC, etc.) categories. 

By doing this, as the day and weeks go by, you’ll be earning more and more coins, and the value of those coins will also be growing very nicely.

The more empowr’s citizens win, the more the empowr economy grows and wins


B.  The empowr economy wins as more citizens become focused on providing value to others.

Citizens will seek to fill underserved categories of products and services, so that more of what we want will be available to purchase in the empowr marketplace.

The resulting abundance will not only attract more new citizens into empowr (which increases demand for the empowr coin)...

... but also decreases the amount (supply) of coins that people want to transfer out to the blockchain.

Growing demand + decreasing supply = upward pricing pressure for the empowr coin.

The more the empowr economy wins, the more the empowr coin grows in value


C.  As the empowr coin (held by empowr citizens) grows in value (= wins), the more motivated citizens become...

... which takes us right back to point A, with empowr citizens hitting their goals, delighting customers and working to build strong reputations.

A virtuous cycle has been put in motion:

                                    Guide: Part 1D: Summary of how we win


And in an incredibly fortunate -- almost magical -- twist of fate:

In addition – and separate from all of the above:

The empowr coin can -- virtually independently -- also win by 'catching fire' as word spreads about its incredibly unique combination of stability + growth.

If or when that happens, even if it happens completely on its own accord and unrelated to the empowr economy and citizens winning...

... it would STILL act a catalyst -- an an ignition -- within the above virtuous cycle.



Because our coin catching fire means its price is moving up...

... and therefore it is boosting the degree to which empowr citizens are winning (because they are holding coins that are maturing, matured or both)...

...  which further boosts our economy into the winning state...

... which, in turn, would further create even more upward pricing pressure for our coin.




Soon, we’ll get to the meat of this guide, where we'll discuss exactly how we will accelerate the virtuous cycle to secure the win.


But before we do that, we must take a look at what losing looks like.

Stay with me now

I know it’s a lot more fun to think about and discuss winning.


But losing is a real possibility here too.

And we can even further improve our chances for winning -- and secure the win -- if our eyes are wide-open and we fully understand what losing looks like...

... so that we can be sure to avoid all the steps and pitfalls that lead to losing.


We won’t spend a moment longer than we need to on that topic...

...  as virtually all of you are, by your nature, allergic to the concept of losing.


Then, with that behind us, we'll move on to the main topic of this guide.

Next: Part 2: Exactly how we lose

You can also visit the guide's table of contents here

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