April 19, 2013






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August 28, 2012


The summer season ended today. Thank you for coming to and praying for the camp. A photo with great summer staff. P8241001

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August 08, 2012

ツリークライミング Tree Climbing

昨日、今日と奥多摩福音の家で初めてツリークライミングをしました。ロッククライミングやウォールクライミングとは違いますね。We did tree climbing at the camp for the first time. It's different that rock or wall climbing.P8070976

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January 16, 2012

奥多摩福音の家 Okutama Fukuin no Ie

Now I stopped working for CRASH Japan, Christian disaster relief organization, and start working for camp ministry at Okutama Fukuin no Ie. Its cold out here in Okutama even it is in Tokyo!

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November 28, 2011


I came back from Nepal last Saturday. The domestic flight to go to the village did not fly for several days because of the bad whether. But miraculously it flew at our very last chance. After all, the Bible translation ceremony hold a day after we planned, yet it was a wonderful time. I got sick and I was carried out from the village, but now I am fine. I saw Mt. Everest. Next time I should climb. I learned important lessons from the missionary, churches from Nepal and the village. Thanks to God and my home church for this precious opportunity.

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November 05, 2011

ネパール Nepal

明日からネパールに3週間ほどいってきます。山奥の村の言語への聖書翻訳が完成し、その献書式に参加させていただくためです。母教会の派遣宣教師としてずっとサポートしてきた先生が30年?くらいかけて取り組んできたものです。この貴重な経験ができることを感謝しています。 Im going to Nepal tomorrow for 3 weeks! My home church has been supporting a missionary for 30 years for the Bible translation there, and the Bible in the village language has just completed! Im attending to the ceremony. What a precious experience it will be!

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September 13, 2011

初めての 礼拝説教 First time preaching

 I preached at a church for the first time. I shared that Jesus did camping ministry with his disciples. Someone said I did not preach like a pastor. Thats good, because I am not a pastor! haha. Well, I will keep trying to communicate the truth uniquely but biblically. 

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May 25, 2011

CRASHでの仕事 My job at CRASH



Usually, I am staying at HeadQuarter in Tokyo, and my job is to communicate between HQ and base camps. Especially, I am in charged of placement of base management members, development of management, and improving communication between HQ and base camps. I learned some about camp management, but not like this size and "business" that have branches. I need to learn a lot! Though I like systems, so thats good.
 This Friday, I will visit HItachi base, one of a base camp for CRASH. Hopefully we can have meaningful meeting up there! Thanks for your prayer.

Also today, I met my employer , Liebenzeller mission. They brought volunteer group from Germany. They are going up to Sendai base for 2 weeks vollunteer!! Please pray for this group.

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May 10, 2011

宣教師就任 Missionary ceremony

Last Sunday, officially I became a missionary sent from my home church to a Christian camp called Okutama Fukuin no Ie in Tokyo. Thanks for your prayer! Yet, Christian evacuees from Fukushima are living in the camp now, and currently we are not hosting any camps. So, now I am sent from the camp to Christian Disaster Relief Volunteer organization called CRASH Japan (crashjapan.com). I will be working for CRASH for a while.a

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March 28, 2011

CRASH Japanにて



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I am both Japanese and American, but my identity is Japanese! I like camping, table tennis, guitar, sonwboarding,and mountain biking. I hate waking up and eggs. I am a Christian (Protestant).
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