The year of the snake in the slight heat season, Chongqing was the sun baked to be at one's last gasp, heat intolerable, Accounting in HK drove the group of people walk on the Yunnan Guizhou plateau. I was on the back of the pack in Xishui mountains farm.

Drunken beauty beautiful Guizhou mountain traction countless emotion fantasy, give you pride full chest; Cong Feng towering spectacular greatly, make you come very naturally understand the meaning of life; when you are in dark green forest, self-cultivation and to know the meaning of life; when you stand on the peak, looking at the to the vast mountains, you will transcend so, self surrender of all things in the universe.

All day: toward the landscape tour during the evening twilight, immersion group chat; three meals a day to chess, Income Tax Hong Kong farm pale smoke between the glow of the setting sun. Although a group chat and cool, beautiful mountains and rivers and make your feet itch.

A grand and magnificent name - wide water forest zone into my heart, I decided to travel to. Broad water virgin forest in Guizhou County of Suiyang, is a piece of the original forest remaining earth at the same latitude. No area of opening to the outside world, no ticket, no bus, only rent a van or riding a motorcycle.

The star light, blue morning whitened occasion, rented motorcycles early on in the hotel waiting to pass. Into the hill in the dark, give a person the hidden fear. Route arrangement will visit from the Moon Lake, lying back.

The Moon Lake, the cold. Last night a drop of rain, when the thick thin fog transpiration varied, Zhongrun Bi wet forest emerald. Here is the source of a tributary of Wujiang Furong River tea factory in 1957, by blocking river into Yan formed a 3 km wide Haizi lake. Here trees dense cold, Linhai Mangmang, a person moving in the deep mountains and forests, the mind can not help but fear to fibrillation, not bad, for fear of wild boar arch people. Here is the main activity area of birds and animals. Both on Hushan line, is afraid of snake much. Neither. See, courage bucket. Raised the camera, Business Registry Hong Kong take off. Overlapping peaks from mountain view suddenly, crown to Tao; Wan cenji the ear to generate negative pressure, green profit make heart quietism, Dunsheng Hermitage heart, like a fast-growing Brahma world, it is Qingshan regardless of human things, green or sorrow to worry? At this point, I am not Chen Huixin, feeling really still safe.