Open my window, Fengqing nichiro. The wind, in the heart to open one be spotlessly clean white, glittering and translucent petals, exquisite fragrance, graceful smile, any virtual world. Over the years. I wish: reflect the sun, silence into a stem clear innocence, swaying into a touch of indifferent, subtle as a que elegant Xiaoling, low brow sing.

Text / day -- Qing lotus

All the time, like a word: "long flow month to go silent. Apricot Shuying, Piper to Tian Ming." Gurgling water, Rongrong moonlight, clusters of apricot, crossfall, subtle fragrance faint, OtterBox Preserver Series sound wave, this is what kind of feelings? What kind of grace? A kind of enjoy how? A state how?

However, years of wind, always ruffled heart calm lake, fretting ripple, rambling away. Want to use reason to comb the disturbing thoughts, let impetuous heart in the breeze blowing down gradually subsided.

The flood washed the minds of the dam, the tide turned back, only the coarse sand and stone hard. If want to open happy flower in the heart, the heart, already in the world of scouring and grounding as hard as stone, cold like iron.

Drank the invitation, the shadow of three people, passed out flowers, who can no longer wake up after drunk?

Lash the waves, toast Xiaochou, ukiyo annoyance, who can clear Huan don't worry?

Even if a charming, if people didn't appreciate his eyes, in vain. Even if all weak, if people don't have a charitable compassion heart, in vain.

I put the distress in the heart of friends, friends joke that I click into place. Friends said: their own students, raise their own biological son and not filial, and others are not my son otterbox iphone 5 case, why should I? This sounds indecent, carefully, there are also some truth.

Others of their own good, it was good, we should be grateful; if others do not, we are not angry, because no one else on our good duty.

A chance, life is short, why let other people's words and deeds and actions determine your happiness? Blank why let trouble and pain filled life? People how to say, how to do, if we are not to regard it as right, which can be relieved, will their evil deeds like gossamer flick, then turned, indifferent smile, gently said: it's really no big deal.

Don't lock up happy, so happy in the rust stained dark hut there; don't lock up happy, so happy in the damp hut moss patches.

Open the window to my heart, let the breeze blowing over the atrium, blowing the clouds away, blow my mind ". The attitude of a moss flowers, open a tough and indifferent. Whether secular indifferent, regardless of years of circulation, silence in the red corner, Dankan "misty rain, laugh the sea view. As long as a person by the inner peace and strength, OtterBox Defender let the world amidst the winds of change, the heart will calm, indifferent to enron.