Thanks for access my page.
❣️Please read below!❣️
● If you can pay in Japanese yen, I can sell my goods.
● There are many people who want my stuffed toys, I can not respond right away.
●EMS etc. overseas shipping is also possible, ※I will charge you a time fee
●IN the case of a stuffed toy, I receive an order fee separately.(¥1620)
●I am very busy, so I have no time to translate everything.
Therefore, Sometimes I send it in English,but I will send a message in Japanese in the future.
Please understand. 
●YOUR message in English and it is okay. Because I can understand.

❤-English version application form-

Copy and write the following information
Please send me a mail.
⚠️Please correctly write so that no trouble will occur

I will issue a receipt and send it along with the product.

※I can not answer your request immediately,
but I can add it to the order list.

■■■application form■■■
🐰Please copy and fill in the following and send it
⓪ ★ your Account Name
(To avoid confusion with other counterparties,
Please write)
① Name (full name)
③Address Postal Code Address
※If you have a Japanese address, 
please write it
④your transfer method.
※ ⭕️JP bank transfer  / ❌PayPal.
 BANK account  name 
⑤Products you want (colors, features)