I know some guys check back this site... Once in a while. I have become the kind of person who updates only when it's compulsory. Which is annoying, I know. I have fallen apart. And I no longer post commentary on each of my favourite members. I'm working on it. Give me three more months! Honest!

Simple news of import:

Teriyaki Boyz are heading their way out: HMV has posted release dates in August 7th & 28th for an international version of Beef or Chicken & Heartbreaker respectively. It seems that I'll stop bugging people mentioning Heartbreaker as a single. It sounds like a one track thing from the look of the price. But hey, people have been known to surprise.

Fuji TV is going to show their recent DFM II tour. If you're a Japanese TV subscriber, set your VCR to 26th August 23:00-25:00 (25?) hours. August 26th is my birthday so hopefuly something good happens (say, someone posts it torrent or winny style)

Remember Mamiya Kyoudai? A DVD is set to be released on the 20th of October.

Optimystik's Night Reception Party Maestro? An all star party of some East End members and Funky Grammar guys. And some people I am unaware of but Pes is there so it's probably good enough.

The tours have finished (a while ago.). DJ Non chronicles his experience on his blog. While Wise helps update a bit on the Teriyaki Boyz situation, there's a shot with them and two Black Eyed Peas members. Ilmari isn't present though it seems they are working their way up. Oh and some tour shots from him.

Things fans need next from Rip Slyme (in order of importance of what Jordi thinks): a new album marking Fumiya's return, a DVD to be selfish and oh yes a single that's not a collaboration or a side project.



I got your new singles a couple of weeks ago, they were totally awesome. I mean you guys don't really need DJ Fumiya to turn out great songs. It just doesn't feel complete without Fumiya but you guys are fine on your own. I know your fans think Fumiya is needed and thats why your last single/s stank. But I dont think that's the case. You want me to tell you what's the problem?

Your stinking promotion. You get in a couple of magazines, do a bit of parading with the radio show. Get on your regular Music Station. But you know what would be great? More TV appearances. Go on, dont be shy. And not just that, but the Music Station thing was waaay too delayed. Ravi was creeping back up after that. But before its great early appearance, it fell quick.

I don't want to condemn you guys, but if you want the sales, you'll have to play by their rules.


Nonetheless I did get the singles, the shiny 3D cover is impossible to scan. Or so I assume. I may try later. The booklet has a little embossing of sorts which was previously featured on their Good Job album. I may admit the bsides do sound a bit mediocre but I tend to reserve final judgement till further listening.

I apologise for my lack of updates. The love is still there but my mind is too tired sometimes. And well life is ever changing.

In a bid to try to be exciting and interesting, I will attempt to make the blog livelier and maybe shuffle with some new things. I may look into dropping the formal tone. Getting a bit edgy. Throwing ideas just to hear people object. That kind of thing.

Rip Slyme may grow old but our love wont!



If you haven't bought at least one of the singles it's possibly because you're living under a very deep hole. Seriously? Well it seems that the long wait has paid off. People have hit stores and bought their weight in the newest singles.

Oricon finally released their daily report of singles and who's sitting in not just the 2nd but 3rd spot? It's "Lovi" followed by Juice. Number one belongs to Mr Children, not surprising of course. However it seems that people like Lovi more than Juice but only slightly. This result is a lot more pleasing than their past efforts, obtaining such a good result beating Misia, Aqua Timez, Garnet Crow & Tommy Heavenly6. Of course the main question is how long this will stand and whether the other acts will beat the round.

Nonetheless look forward to Rip Slyme in possible music shows!



Strangely I am a little busy. But it's alright since nothing will pretty much happen... That is until the single is released and it is soon may I add. And there is a part of me that wants to ask people what they think the word "Ravi" of their single is mean to mean. After all, CD sites state "Lovi". Some claim "La Vie". However the song confirms it as a word relating to love - in fact there are many hints to it. Is it a take on Lovely? Lovey as in a sense where someone is all Lovey Dovey? The single's image name on the official website has it as "love.jpg" (or whatever extension it was). But try your guess at this cryptic name.

Teriyaki Boyz on MTV Asia Awards - Heartbreaker
A mediocre sounding performance in a sense. Ilmari & Ryo-Z are pretty comfortable and it makes me enjoy it.

Rip Slyme x Quruli event at Tokyo FM

And leaving you with a small note: Pes' hairdo has changed again. Pes' hair probably changes the most out of the group in terms of style. His indie days was a somewhat afro kind of hair. Nevertheless it was all shaved in Stepper's Delight. He came back in One with the signal of quite some growth. And in 2005, he had somehow redid his afro and in 2006 again he has blonde as his favourite colour.



Rip Slyme & Quruli are going to perform their songs on Music Station according to reports on 2ch. On the 14th of July they will perform "Lovi" and on the 21st they will perform "Juice". Well time to guess how high these songs will hit on the charts.

On the other hand, a preview of Quruli's version of the "nightrider" b-side is available. Rip Slyme's version is available as well.