Terrified Wellingtonians and people in surrounding areas have described their fears after 120 aftershocks hit the region following the 6.5 quake on Sunday.

Workers were told to avoid the central city for the time being as structural inspections took place following the huge quake.

Wellingtonians took to social networking website Twitter in their droves to post pictures and comments of the damage caused iPad Cases.

storage unitstyle="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: arial;">Kapiti resident Ros Ellison said Sunday’s earthquake was frightening and continued for some time.

“It was jolt, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake.”

Lights in the house were swinging and Ms Ellison and her daughter were forced to shelter in a doorway while her 13-year-old stepson dived under the table.

Another family member was driving into the city when the quake struck, she says.

“He said he could see buildings shaking and a rock came down on the road.”

Part of Wellington’s port, which is on reclaimed land Dentist Hong Kong, also collapsed and one container has been lost into the harbour.

Blenheim mum Michelle Cook, 25, said Sunday’s quake was a ‘living hell’ as she tried to keep calm in front of her children Christopher, three, and Kodee, two.

“It just came out of the blue and was terrifying. Sometimes you hear a rumble before the shake but it was complete silence before it hit.

“It was a real slow rumble and the house was swaying. I managed to stay calm and get the kids under the table pretty quickly.

“My sister was with me with her little one and she did exactly the same.”

Ms Cooke said she kept her children in her room overnight as she worried about another quake hitting.

“I couldn’t sleep at all and when I did finally fall asleep I was woken up at about 3am with another aftershock.

“I am now continually worrying that they are going to get bigger, I am feeling on edge all the time.

“I somehow managed to stay calm in front of the children because I didn’t want to scare them. I want to move away though if they keep happening.”

Seismologists have halved the chances of another big quake hitting Wellington before Tuesday, but have warned against complacency.

Colombian Shirliz Gasca, 33, lives in Lower Hutt and said she spent the weekend staying with a neighbour after experiencing her first earthquake on Friday.

She said: “My family went away and I was on my own when the one yesterday hit, I was terrified. “I was crying and screaming and ended up sleeping at my neighbour’s house because I didn’t want to be on my own.

Wellington hotel guests took to the streets in their pyjamas on Sunday night frightened out of their rooms by the earthquake that shook the city.

Journalist Rory Keane said that by 6.30pm, more than an hour after the quake hit, people were out in the streets, visibly shaken.

But apart from some broken glass in Lambton Quay, he said there seemed to be little damage in the central city, he said.

“There are fire engines all over the place,” he said, as sirens blared in the background.

Keane was in a Burger King restaurant when the quake struck handbags embroidery.

“Everyone started jumping under the tables. There were people scrambling all over the place.”

Tonight’s shake was bigger and lasted longer than any of the tremors that have struck the city since Friday, Keane says.