His entry to DOC comes after it announced plans to slash 72 full-time roles across the country, mostly by culling layers of management in offices around the country lace embroidery patches.

State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie says Mr Sanson has been involved with a number of structural shifts within organisations during his career, and will be tasked with rolling out a new business model and shift in culture and practices at DOC.

"With a proven commitment to conservation property in malaysia, he possesses the focus to roll out the new business model and required shift in culture and practice, while maintaining delivery of the wide range of DOC services," Mr Rennie said.

Mr Sanson has headed Antarctica NZ, which is responsible for the development and execution of New Zealand's activities in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, since 2002.

Before that, he held DOC roles, including as the conservator for all public DOC-administered lands in Southland, nuskin group and other environmental roles.

Mr Sanson takes up the three-year term on September 14, replacing Al Morrison, who is leaving DOC to become deputy commissioner of the State Services Commission's corporate centre.