Came to a small river, the river or the river of memory, the bark of a dog sounded occasionally the village in the distance, it sounds not so upsetoverhead garage storage, only the water gurgling stream, the frog sometimes no sound in the ear filled. Look at the stars in the sky with the little brook and shaking, the air is filled with such as yarn mist, took a deep breath and refreshed, breath is special field. Bent down to touch his side band with dew grass, the grass on the cool, as gossamer generally along the fingertip throughout the body. The fatigue of the day can turn into nothing at the moment. Through the moonlight, saw beside a high corn, no noon, in the hot sun baked into a thin cylinder is helpless like, now also leaves fully openfashion men clothing. A breeze, a rustle, like how what?

Looking at the river trickling water, let my thoughts, could not help but think of my childhood.

The father and mother were all teachers school, both the salary of a month add up to dozens of yuan. You have only to work, the afternoon after school and Sundays to dry, the impression of the parents always tireless busy, unless it rains in little home rest. That was the summer vacation for me the deepest impressioninvestment, they worked in the fields. My task is in the home "". "Housekeeping" when the house door locked, only to find their own small partners to play, playing tired, tired, just remind parents I confessed my task. Let me look after the house, don't run around. Sometimes it was completely dark down they haven't come back. I'm tired of sitting them at the door, the dark, fear, hunger around me, where also dare not go, imperceptibly asleep, I do not know how long, my father took me shake, I knew they had just returned home.

Among them, the most impressive is the small river, in the economic field of tobacco leaves. Tobacco can get more money, better domestic subsidies. At that time, catch up with tobacco a Kang, I still remember. Because minshi rectification my father was not at home, do not know is learning or test. My father often so, at that time I also be accustomed to. Out of the very next day Kang eat breakfast, I sit on the rickshaw pulling on the mother went to the smoke, smoke a small river is my. The mother had picked leaves nearby on the ground in front, and I'm responsible for parking to the edge of the field of local transportation, transportation is to hold up the stack, plug arms full, extended under the tongue can be added to tobacco leaf juice, bitter and astringent. Not a cloud in the sky, head of the sun shining white. So I'm holding playing. Imperceptibly near noon, the mother's face the fierce sun sun flushed red, and I was covered in dirt, watching the arm was covered with black oil, sweat flowing trail, smelling body exudes tobacco didn't bake before the special smell.

After the first tobacco, mother pulling in front, I have at the back, we go along the river, looking at the clear water, think of time suddenly, in the river although cannot enjoy the play, wash, a wash is comfortable. Mother's back seemed to understand my eyes, parked on the side of the bridge, with the full of smoke black mother holding my hand, along both sides of weeds the winding path to the water's edge, I reached out to touch the water, although near noon the river in water that is full of a touch of coolness, mother I hurried to wash it ashore.