She likes to eat spicy food, here, not her original market chicken, her unique taste, her taste... Always uneasy to eat, every time a holiday home, and I always say what to eat what to eat today, tomorrow, the day to eat a packed, I make her say one day someone with a good will to kidnap you, she is wrinkly nose, dissatisfaction said "don't!"

I have a speech contest, in my most irritable back draft, she waited advised me, shredded manuscripts, she picked up back, a piece of glue, accompany me to remember, I finally got the second place, she was happy like youManaged Security.

She took a picture in a photo, static if the virgin, I said look, natural. She felt bad, because the background at home. Now the photo is still retained. It is the most natural to her.

She had learned to paint, published in the Propaganda Department, I accompany her, silently watching the focus depicts her, do not panic, do not disturb, tire, tireless.

She likes Tactic bear, once in the store, saw a very like bear, reluctant to buy, then put the bear hid all the cubs, said that she liked the bear could not be bought by others, silly. Then I quietly bought her in her bag, she found surprised happy complex expressions. In fact, as long as you are happy, that is my sunny day.

Her grandma was seriously ill, she can't go back, sad, drink a lot of wine, lying in my arms crying, I accompany her sad, your pain, I understandwomen clothing online.

"Weak water three thousand, just take a cup." Love a person is not it? Love her love her sad, sad.

She and I went through every local university, in this place, just like our a memoir, went to remember a bit

Always like holding her hand, feel afraid to get lost, her temper is not good, once asked me, how I suffer like this? I told her, because you is my woman, so simple.

Once said "I as long as you have my heart to her, I have what time, either side, or in the heart."

She said she used to and I together, every time a holiday home is uncomfortable, last summer to sit long-distance bus to see her again, and she said nothing, just want to give her a surprise, suddenly appeared in front of her, she cried, I foolishly stand, a little helpless.

When I left, she quietly put all the money hidden in my bag, I fear not, not about money, I know, she really loved me. I asked her, I was not a particularly good people, why choose to be with me, she said I really good to her.

Every morning in, her reluctant expressions; class secretly gave us stitch mobile phone package, class saw an injured dog, chasing a noon to save, to the supermarket, suddenly she to me to say she aphtha. Smiles always no nose but no eyes, she is so pure, kind-hearted.

She often dysmenorrhoea, migraine, and then eat my brain Ning pain, I looked at the pain in the heart, she couldn't resist the temptation to eat ice cream, eat their pain day.

Several drunk, I sat on the bed watching her holding her hand until dawn. Her fasting smoke spits, I warned her not to.

She likes to eat sweet, like drinking a Pepsi, like eating snow red, like to eat grapefruit, like eat chocolate, drink Dicos chocolate milk tea, but she bad teeth, eat sweet will have a toothache, for her teeth, every time I decisive and she rob to eat and then looked at her pouting angry happy half a day.

Her stomach digestion and absorption is not good, also don't love and pure milk, milk and stomach, she did not want to drink, I cheat she said for her to drink half, just a little.

She always secretly called me Ni Ni pig, I called her stupid dear, she in photography when I always interferes with her, she has a birthmark on her feet, feel bad, I said a heart-shaped hc ecig, the one and only, good-looking.