Listened to Long Pang's "family in the northeast" friends can imagine: Northeast -- winter, a world of ice and snow, the sun sun, black soil fertile; the Northeast -- tall, warm and bold, end up drinking bowl, talking at the top of your lungs, "I also drink a cup of wine, drank the cylinder therefashion women clothing wholesale!"

The summer vacation, take the plane, to the northeast of the motherland to make maintenance of body and mind. Even more tired, not happy, in the sacred journey, will be most willing to use another tired to replaceManaged Cloud.

Changchun has reached near dusk. Although it is dusk, the sun does not fall signs, shine this very ordinary but extraordinary richness. Patches of green corn, looking ahead, endless, seemed an endless sea. At this time, little wind, can not see the waves, and I was in the vast sea to find a rare quietbicelle b5 gel.

From Changchun to Songyuan, two or three hours by bus. All the way in the past, this piece of green sea as if a dragon fly. The silence was turned into a different taste. Like the great vitality, like fresh air, also like the flowing skirts of dancing girls...... In this kind of environment atmosphere, unconsciously days has darkened, took away the green, vitality, but also the transition to another quiet.

Morning at the beginning of the northeast with a trace of coolness, though the sun as early as three or four points have emerged, but not the change of coolness ablation. The ride to the so-called "China inland's seventh largest freshwater lake Chagan Lake" "". Though the home perimeter is known as the third Taihu, but to accept the "less than many expensive, far better than the last good" concept, is full of look forward to. "The Chagan Lake, Mongolian for" qagan Nur ", meaning white holy lake." The tour guide so explained. The layers of waves, wave after wave. Take the bamboo raft, roaming in the lake. Left out of bamboo, feel the Holy baptism. Take a bamboo raft on the moss, give your feet a maintenance, rejoicing photographed. Nearby, a piece of reed marshes, in the lake breeze swaying left and right; the distance, is layer upon layer the lush leaves, open green umbrella, uptake of sunshine. Raohe a week, deep feeling: the lake than Taihu!

Although the lake is not open world, however, eat fresh lake is one of the greatest pleasures! Eight fish feast, all kinds of, is not heard ten cuisines in the northeast one seat, eating but also feel not very delicious. A dozen dishes, 300 less than the other, my family and I are very shocked. Prices are soaring today, eat what a table of color, flavor and taste, shape, price is all hearts rare dishes.