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BBC Newsで英語表現を学ぶ (11)part 3-3 NATO首脳会議


Global role

After the Afghan partnership signing, Nato opened its first summit with Russia since

the Russia-Georgia war two years ago.

As Mr Medvedev arrived, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said: "A former military

adversary is now clearly a partner."

Nato will speak with Mr Medvedev about an agreement Nato members have

reached on developing and deploying defences against ballistic missile attack on

their territories. Nato hopes Russia - a long-term opponent of previous US missile defence plans -will agree to join the project.

l         After…, ……opened its first summit with Russia since… : ~のあと、~後初めてのロシアとの首脳会談。 2年前のことと(Russia-Georgia war)直前のこと(Afghan partner signing)の後に首脳会談を開いたという3つの時制を上手に表現している。


US President Barack Obama said the agreement "responds to the threats of our

times" and would benefit all Nato citizens.

"For the first time, we have agreed to develop a missile defence capability that's

strong enough to cover all Nato European territory and populations, as well as the

United States," he said.

The BBC's diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus says that bringing Russia on

board will not be easy - Moscow has rejected all previous invitations over fears its

own missile force might be compromised.

l         bringing Russia on board: ロシアを参加させること

l         compromise: 「妥協をする」意味から、NATOのミサイル防衛システムに参加することはロシア自身が持っているミサイル防衛システムを曖昧なものにしかねないという恐れからNATOのシステムに参加することを拒んできた。」の意。 


The two-day Lisbon summit has been billed as one of the most important in the

alliance's history, as it seeks to update its strategy and structure to face new security

threats. On Friday member states agreed a new 10-year "strategic concept", a document

that defines the fundamental nature of Nato's role in the world. The document commits Nato members "to defend one another against attack, including against new threats to the safety of our citizens", without defining a geographical limit to its theatre of operations.

The alliance would also seek to "create the conditions" for a world without nuclear

weapons, but until that goal was in sight would remain a nuclear-armed organisation.

That decision will see US nuclear weapons remain in Europe despite calls from

Germany and some other members for Mr Obama to pull them out.

l         bill: announce or advertise;  has been billed=has been announced

l         its theatre of operations: 「防衛の範囲」の事を指している。(参考)operating theatre 手術室

l         be in sight: 視覚に入ってくる、みえてくる

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BBC Newsで英語表現法を学ぶ(11)part 2  NATO首脳会議

'As long as it takes'

The Afghan delegation and Nato leaders held several hours of talks on Saturday

morning.  In front of the world's media, President Karzai and Mr Rasmussen then signed a

formal partnership that Nato says will codify its commitment to Afghanistan for years

to come.  Despite agreeing to transfer military control to Afghanistan by 2014, Mr Rasmussen said this would not be a signal for the Taliban to claim victory.

"One thing must be very clear - Nato is in this for the long term," he said.

"We will not transition until our Afghan partners are ready. We will stay after

transition in a supporting role.

"If the enemies of Afghanistan have the idea that they can wait it out until we leave,

they have the wrong idea. We will stay as long as it takes to finish our job."

l         held several hours of talks: held talks for several hours より時間に視点をおいた表現。

l         codify:arrange (laws, rules, etc.) systematically into a code(=a set of laws) 

l         transition: 始めのtransitionは動詞、後のtransitionは名詞。

l         in a supporting role: 支援役として(移行後も駐留する)


Mr Karzai said the decision to transfer military control would give every Afghan a

stake in the future of their country.

He hoped that in future "Afghanistan will be [a country] contributing to world security

and economy rather than one that will be a burden".

President Karzai said he had thanked Nato for the sacrifices made by its soldiers,

but added: "I also informed them of the concerns of the Afghan people with regard to

civilian casualties, with regard to detentions, with regard to, at times, Nato's


l         stake:日本語に訳しにくい単語、強いて言えば「(国を)支える役割」

l         burden: heavy load 大変なお荷物

l         detention: keeping something in custody


Nato's International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) has some 130,000 soldiers

based in Afghanistan, most of them from the US.

The US has not yet endorsed the decision on combat operations. One senior US

official said: "The issue of changing the combat mission is an independent national

decision which will be made by all 28 nations of Nato. In the case of the United

States, we simply have not taken that decision yet."

Under the new Nato plan there would still be a role for Isaf troops in the country in

2015 and onwards, but that would largely be in training Afghan forces.

l         we simply have not taken that decision yet.:我々は単に未だ結論を出していないだけだ。(NATO28カ国と同じ結論になる可能性もある?)

part (3)に続く

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BBC Newsで英語表現法を学ぶ (11)NATO首脳会議 part 1


20 November 2010 Last updated at 15:03 GMT

NATO 北大西洋条約機構の会議でNATO条約国は2014年末までにアフガニスタンでの戦いの指導権をアフガニスタン軍に移管することを決定しました。英文はやさしいのであまり解説はいらないと思いますが、英文をゆっくり味わって身につけましょう。自分でこれくらいの英文が書けたり、話せたり出来るとすばらしいですね。日本語に訳さないで英語のまま理解しましょう。英語脳訓練にはこの種のものをたくさん声を出したり、手書きしながら読むのが一番早道です。


Karzai and Nato agree Afghanistan exit strategy

Leaders of Nato's 28 states have backed a strategy to transfer leadership for

the fight against the Taliban to Afghan forces by the end of 2014.

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai was in Lisbon, where he signed a long-term

security partnership with Nato. Nato's secretary general said the Taliban would not be allowed simply to wait for foreign forces to leave, saying Nato would remain committed.

Nato would stay "as long as it takes", Anders Fogh Rasmussen said.

l         back: give help or support to something/someone


l         the Taliban would not be allowed simply to wait for foreign forces to leave, saying Nato would remain committed.: committeddevoted (to a cause, one’s job, etc) 「タリは




However, news agencies quoted US officials at the summit as saying that

Washington had not yet taken a decision on ending combat by the end of 2014.

Meanwhile, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev arrived at the summit to deliver an

address and to discuss Nato's invitation to join a key missile defence shield project.

l         ~quoted ……as saying that:誰かの発言を挿入する際によく用いられる表現です。

この場合は、news agenciesによればNATOの首脳会議に出席しているUS officialthat以下のことを言った。

part (2)に続く

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BBC News で英語の表現法を学ぶ:カンタス航空緊急着陸



4 November 2010 Last updated at 14:20 GMT

Qantas landing: 'Happy to be alive'

カンタス航空(緊急)着陸: “無事でよかった”


An Australian Airbus A380 superjumbo has made an emergency landing in Singapore after experiencing engine trouble following take-off.

l         Experiencing engine trouble: エンジントラブルを起こし;こういう場合にexperienceという語を使っている

Passengers have been telling the BBC what they saw.

Lars Sandberg from Glasgow, UK

Everything was going smoothly in the first 15 minutes and then there was a sharp bang. I thought some metal container fell down in the cargo area, but the carriage started to vibrate and there was a bit of a smoke.

I was sitting right next to engine two. People around me were visibly shaken and we all realised that whatever happened wasn't normal. There was a mother with two children who was quite worried.

I travel by plane every weekend and I was surprised by that noise. The captain admitted there was a problem, but he kept reassuring us, almost every couple of minutes, that they are looking into it and that things are OK.

We started slowing down. We were told that we needed to circle around for a bit, to burn some of the fuel, as the plane was too heavy to land.

The landing was quite smooth, although the plane felt a bit heavy. When we landed there was fuel leaking from the plane, something ignited and blew the case of the engine. When we got off and saw the engine itself and the back casing burnt off, that was pretty scary.

It was a nerve-wracking experience and I feel a little bit shaken up. I was at first annoyed that I can't get to Brisbane for my tour, but now I am relieved I am still here.

The captain did the right checks - everything by the book and we are all here because of that. We are now sitting back in the terminal where we were gathered to get on the plane.

We missed the next plane to Australia, so they are going to put us in a hotel. The atmosphere is easygoing, people are watching television - we've been on the news. There have been reporters taking photos of us. Passengers were also taking photos of the plane after we landed, as a memento. I'm just happy to be alive and safe in the terminal building.

l         vibrate: shake

l         right next to~: すぐ隣に

l         whatever happened wasn’t normal: 起こることすべてが異常だった

l         he kept assuring us: he kept his effort to remove our fears and doubts

l         circle around: 空中で旋回をする (着陸順番待ちの時など) 本文の場合は着陸前に燃料を消費するため

l         scary: causing fear or alarmpretty scary: かなり怖かった

l         nerve-wracking: great mental strain

l         I was at first annoyed that I can't get to Brisbane for my tour, but now I am relieved I am still here. 最初ブリスベンにつけないので困ったなと思ったが、今となれば生きてここにいられてほっとしている。

l         The captain did the right checks - everything by the book and we are all here because of that. 機長は規定どおりきちんとチェックをした。そのお陰で我々は生きてここにいられるのだ。

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BBC News カンタス航空緊急着陸のニュース(スペイン語版)2-2

BBC Mundo Última actualización: Jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

BBC Mundo Última actualización: Jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

Qantas suspende vuelos de su flota Airbus (続き)

La aerolínea explicó que la suspensión de sus seis aviones A380 -el modelo de

pasajeros más grande del mundo- es una medida de precaución y que la flota se

mantendrá fuera de servicio hasta que la empresa entienda las razones del


l         Una medida de precausion: 予防処置

l         fuera de servicio: 運行をやめる


El corresponsal de la BBC en Sidney, Nick Bryant, informa que el avión primero

enfrentó dificultades poco después de despegar del aeropuerto Changi, en Singapur.

Algunos pasajeros a bordo acusaron una fuerte explosión en una de las turbinas a la

izquierda de la nave.

"Me encontraba en el avión cerca de la turbina dos, que explotó con un gran

estruendo a diez o quince minutos de haber despegado", le dijo a la BBC Lars

Sandberg, un DJ que viajaba a Australia para una gira musical.

l         acusar: avisar; indicar

l         estruendo: ruido grande

l         una gira musical: gira: viaje; 音楽活動のための旅行


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BBC News カンタス航空緊急着陸ニュース (スペイン語版)1-2

BBC Mundo Última actualización: Jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

Qantas suspende vuelos de su flota Airbus


La aerolínea nacional de Australia, Qantas, suspendió los vuelos de su flota de aviones Airbus A380 después de que uno de sus superjumbos hiciera un aterrizaje de emergencia en Singapur.

La aerolínea asiática Singapore Airlines también dejará en tierra los vuelos del Airbus A380 luego del incidente de Qantas.

El constructor aeronáutico europeo Airbus y el fabricante de motores Rolls Royce le habían aconsejado a la compañía de Singapur que siguiera los pasos de su homóloga australiana, cuyo vuelo con un superjumbo tuvo fallas en el motor este


l         Flota: confunto de aviones destinados a un servicio determinado

l         dejará en tierra los vuelos del Airbus A380:エアバスA380を使用している便は飛ばさない。(飛行機を地上に置いておく、英語でgroundingという)

l         que siguiera los pasos de su homóloga australiana: su homologa australiaはカンタス航空の事を指す。カンタス航空の取った処置に従う。


Qantas decidió demorar todos sus vuelos operados con este modelo. Aún no está

claro cuántos aviones podrían verse afectados por esta medida.

El vuelo QF32, que partió de Londres rumbo a Sidney (Australia) con escala en

Singapur, llevaba 459 personas a bordo.

l         demorar: detardar; detenerse en una parte

l         rumbo: camino o senda que sigue uno; rumbo a: ~に向かって

l         escala: paraje donde toca una embarcaccion



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BBC 中文网 更新时间 2010114日  澳航A380客机紧急迫降新加坡



l         曾传言坠毁的:墜落したと思われていた

l         往悉尼的シドニー行きの

l         新加坡樟宜国际机场:シンガポールチャンギ国際空港

l         紧急迫降:緊急着陸する

l         从新加坡飞往悉尼:シンガポールからシドニーに向かう

l         机上共有:機上には合計~が乗っていた

l         空中巴士:エアバス、巴士はバスの音訳されたもの。

l         有烟冒出:煙が噴出した。

l         安然无恙安然平安无恙没有受害

l         立即立刻马上

l         总裁乔伊斯CEO Mr. Allan Joyceのこと

l         新加坡则表示没有计划停飞A380客机シンガポール航空の方はA380の運行を停める計画はない

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