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BBC News で英語表現法を学ぶ  トヨタ車アメリカ政府の無欠陥証明で株価上昇

9 February 2011 Last updated at 08:39 GMT
Toyota shares jump after US clean bill of health

Shares in Toyota have jumped 5% after a US inquiry into reports of
unintended acceleration found no electronic flaws in the company's cars.
clean bill of health: report showing that one’s health is good, especially after illness.
flaw:crack or fault (in an object or in material)

The 10-month investigation ordered by the US Congress followed recalls of millions of Toyota vehicles in 2009 and 2010.
Part of the investigation, published in August, suggested driver error might have played a part in many incidents.
Toyota, the world's biggest car maker, welcomed Tuesday's findings.
The company, which has reported a 39% drop in quarterly profits, lifted its operating profit forecast for the year to 550bn yen (£4.1bn; $6.7bn) from 380bn yen.
suggest: state something indirectly, imply

"Toyota still has a challenge competing against its rivals in emerging markets but there are hopes that it can regain its market share in the US market," Mitsushige Akino, a fund manager at Ichiyoshi Investment Management, told Reuters news agency.
emerge: come out or up; come into view per prominence; 新しく需要が出てきた市場
a fund manager: 資金調達マネージャ

'Peace of mind'
Toyota shares jumped 5.2% in Tokyo on Wednesday, while they gained by more than 4% onWall Street overnight. "We believe that the results of the US Department of Transportation's investigation confirms the reliability of our electronic throttle control systems," Toyota said in a statement.
"We intend to continue to listen to our customers even closer and to offer not only safe vehicles but vehicles that provide peace of mind."Vehicles that provide peace of mind: 日本語で言うと「気持ちよく乗れる車」

The company recalled more than 12m vehicles globally in 2009 and 2010 for various problems including faulty floor mats, sticky accelerator pedals, braking software glitches and steering malfunctions.
Questions had been raised over whether software-driven throttles had played a role in unintended acceleration complaints.
But US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said in a statement on Tuesday: "There is no electronic-based cause for unintended high-speed acceleration in Toyotas." Mechanical flaws that were fixed in previous recalls appeared to be behind the problems with unintended acceleration, US officials said. "We feel that Toyota vehicles are safe to drive," Mr LaHood stated.
on Tuesday: 新聞などdailyのニュースでは日付でなく曜日で表す。月刊誌などは日付で表す。

'Rigorous examination'
Mr LaHood said the US transportation department had been assisted by engineers from US space agency Nasa in its investigation into the recalls.
Nasa "rigorously examined" nine Toyotas driven by consumers who complained of unintended acceleration and reviewed 280,000 lines of software code to look for flaws that could have caused the acceleration, Mr LaHood said. Engineers also used electro-magnetic radiation to test whether they could force the cars' electronics to speed the vehicles up.
rigorously: severely; strictly examineにつく副詞色々考えられます。Dictionary of English collocationなど調べてみると興味ある組み合わせがあります。

Despite the investigation's findings, Mr LaHood said the National Highway TrafficSafety Administration (NHTSA) was considering new regulations to improve safety.The new measures could require brake override systems, standardising keyless ignitions and requiring event data recorders, known as black boxes, to be fitted on all new vehicles. Officials said they would also continue to carry out research on electronic control systems and a review of the placement of accelerator and brake pedals.
consider: ~を作ることを考える

Toyota paid the US government a reported $48.8m (£30.3m) in fines over the handling of the recalls. Sales of Toyota vehicles continue to rise in Asia, Africa and South America.
over: こういうoverの使い方に慣れましょう

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