There will be what kind of business in the foreign exchange market.

One spot and said spot items changing the currency at present.

Futures include the subsequent thing making a deal called the forward.

The swap is one which is in business form of the foreign exchange market.

There is the method called the swap transaction to let business establish in combination with the combination of spot items and futures and futures and futures, and I put it together, and there is the thing that the is various.

The swap deal accounts for overall half or more in the form of most business in the foreign exchange market.

There is not only the dealer of the foreign exchange but also the bank where there is the swap dealer.

I perform the business that combined futures with the spot items called the swap dealing to do cover business and profit acquisition.

When there is a customer hoping for financing in the foreign currency, the bank performs swap dealing and does it with foreign currency.

By one, the foreign-exchange margin trading a participant of each take a position, and do the buying and selling using it.

Business of the foreign exchange market is pushed forward smoothly in basic term spoken by exchange dealings and understanding a use.

I read the onomasticon which is written on the sites such as brokers of a bank and the foreign exchange, and it is necessary to be used to business of the foreign exchange market using business simulation.

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