I went crazy when I saw Michael Kors MK8096 watch online, I'm active duty and any thing black smacks me in the face and makes me want to buy it, so I just had to have this watch. I loved it at first its all matt black pretty big face nice strap pretty spec ops looking. After a few weeks when I really started to get down to using it, I realized it was not as good. The dial light is orange and it does not really light up the entire face as well in the dark it kind of casts a shadown over the dial which sucks when you're training at 0230 in the woods with nothing around. The digital layout is the worst its in the negative format which is black all around and the numbers are light grey. Its not flushed with the watch dial so whe to illuminate the dial light you just cannot read the digital time it's always black. When doing PT in the mornings in the dark you need to see the seconds display and its too black to see any thing, if the hands happen to be over the digital display it makes it ever worse. Now being military I have some unusual circumstances so it does not really work out for me, BUT I adapt and over come! Over all it still looks good its pretty light and is a nice big Michael Kors MK8096 watch which I like, time format can be set to 24hr too, it's just the stop watch function and the light on this watch sucks, I'm going to get the one in red and black it does not have the black digital display and is easier to read in the dark. I hope this helps my peps!!!