it was a really slow day today.
I fell into a nap afternoon.
I must have been tired because I couldn't resist the sleepiness, I had drunk a cup of coffee though.

oh, my laptop seems to have a problem. It couldn't start-up normally once.


tonight, I have a going-away party for friend who came here 2 years ago. it was 2 weeks before I came here on first trip.
she had been here while I went back to Japan.
it's quiet long time and enough for her to feel missing.
I'll be glad to attend the party, I have to study hard for Toeic, though.
 I hope tonight will be a remarkable night.


i had a tutoring class of jamie today. it was pretty fun. im feeling that my english is getting better and it's faster than when i was taking a class in a school. it's really informative for me and what i need for my future.
we talked about my new business plan of translation of an english application to i pod touch into japanese.
i started the explanation with asking her if it was possible.
at the beginning, she seemed she didnt understand, but as i went, she got it.


kicktoys-skateboard-rapper-beit-dudes-3hi! Im writing by the application in Xperia. this is awesome, i think,hehe.
Finally, i got a plenty of time. i got up in the late morning and drunk a cup pf coffee. then i started studying. im focusing on words of english now for speaking and toeic.
oh, of cause im still absorbed in Sangokushi. to tell you the truth, i started to have one other world. haha. i need to be careful not to do too much...but i got a card of Moukaku at the very first shot. hahha~!

need to face

alexander_keithsI'm sitting on my bed whole day.
I don't feel like to do anything, but it's not negative. I'm just in cozy mood.
The only concern is that I need to face to study.....
however I've already reached a beer.

I'll try to find other way to study,, with fun.



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