NightDrive - Konstructure - kst005

Ryoh Mitomi - NightDrive - Konstructure - kst005
Release Date May 12, 2009

Track List:

Japan's Ryoh Mitomi is one of techno's rising stars. This release simply reminds us of what it is all about; his stripped down dark minimal techno with huge 808 beats, cavernous reverb, tight well-executed percussion, sparse evolving synths, and brilliant arrangements are sure to capture a dancefloor's attention from beginning to end. With recent releases on Minus, Immigrant, and District of Corruption as well as his having done remix work for Farbe, Newdeal, and DANDI & UGO, Ryoh is definitely on the move. His track called, "Watch your Step," was featured on Richie Hawtin's mix-cd for DJ Magazine's Top 100 issue. Highly recommended.

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