"Extreme Cinema"

Artist : Ryoh Mitomi
Title : Extreme Cinema

Cat.NO.. : BWR076

Format : DIGITAL
Release : October 1st 2014

1. Extreme Cinema (Original Mix)
2. Extreme Cinema (Sugiurumn Remix)
3. Extreme Cinema (Asio a.k.a R-play Rework)

BASS WORKS RECORDINGS' 76th Work!! Mr. intelligence , Ryoh Mitomi , releases a new track from BASS WORK RECORDINGS after the previous monster Rave Track, " Paste The Tapes " released from a well-established label " CARIZMA " last month.
His last work for BASS WORK RECORDING was " Hoar / Frost " with NEWDEAL at the beginning of 2014. In contrast with these academic tracks, the new piece of work from a crazy film lover called " Extreme Cinema " comes extremely Massive, striking dance floors. In addition, his ex-label mate from Limikola, Germany , a skillful French producer, Asio (a.k.a R-play) contributed an outstanding remix!! An Alarm never stops!! Also, "SUGINAMI " sound machine, Sugiurumn's remix is included, whose much-awaited new album is about to launch!! We, BASS WORKS RECORDINGS, never let you down!!

BASS WORKS RECORDINGS76!! 10ǯޤѥˡƥΥ졼٥ "CARIZMA" 90ǯ쥤롼󥹥ȥå "Paste The Tapes" ꡼ФRyoh Mitomi֥졼Τ餺ΤޤޤˡBASS WORKS RECORDINGS꿷ɥå!! 2014ǯBASS WORKS REOCRDINGSΥȥȥåǤNEWDEALȤζ "Hoar / Frost" оǤ!! ̵αDz趸Ǥ⤢ΥȥåϥХ"Extreme Cinema"!! ޤ̥İ٤餻ƥꥸ󥹤ǥǥߥå¦̤Υȥꥣ!! 󥹥եľΥưŷηMASSIVEȥåǤ!! Ryoh MitomiΥɥĤLimikolaΥ졼٥ᥤȤǤե󥹤Υץǥ塼Asio (a.k.a R-play) ˤRemixϿ!! Ĥߤޤʤ󵡥áХž夬ˤʤäƤޤ!! 顦ˡХबȯ˾äܲ乥Ĵο¥ɥޥSugiurumnˤRemixϿ!! BASS WORKS RECORDINGSޤƤ⤢ʤδԤ΢ڤޤ!!