本日"Rain Maker"がリリース!!!

"Rain Maker" is released on Yain Yang today!!!

Rain Maker Original Mix
Ryoh Mitomi 6:27 / 125 BPM

Rain Maker Cristian Arango Remix
Ryoh Mitomi, Cristian Arango 7:10 / 126 BPM
Hardcore / Hard Techno

Rain Maker Andre Lesu & Adrian Oblanca Remix
7:40 / 125 BPM
Tech House

Rain Maker Enrique Calvetty & Delano Remix
7:11 / 126 BPM
Hardcore / Hard Techno

Rain Maker Francesco Bove Remix
7:06 / 126 BPM

Rain Maker Pompeiy Remix
6:39 / 125 BPM
Tech House

As you know your release/remix of Ryoh’s Rain Maker is out today on Beatport.
Below is the links to all the tracks on Beatport, Soundcloud (linked to beatport with buy it now buttons) and the link to the Yin Yang site itself.

Quick note..
One of the best ways to try and get the track into the Beatport top 100 is to chart the track on your own Beatport Top 10 (and try and get as many other people to chart it). So if possible could you chart the track (Beatport top 10) and any if you are feeling generous any other yin Yang tracks, then send to me, I can then send these links to my man at Beatport and push to get these Top 10 charts featured on the main pages of Beatport.

I always ask people to chart the tracks and a lot of artists don’t do this. They are missing out on a great opportunity to get into the beatport charts.. It is the artists that DO do this, that usually always do well.
Like always I have done a LOT of promotion on the release and have filled out a lot paperwork that I have submitted to Beatport to get the tracks featured. We will see later on this afternoon/tonight if we have been successful. Yin Yang being a major techno label usually gets some nice features, but this is never guaranteed. We will see.

I will be creating videos on youtube for the release today as some point when I get the extra time. When these have rendered. I will send you the youtube links (These will also have the link to the release on Beatport). Please also use these for extra promotion.
Also enclosed is the Feedback for the release from the Top DJ’s and I have also enclosed the Facebook banner which can be put at the top of your page and also posted out as a post to all your friends and fans.

I always try to be as professional as can be with Yin Yang and would be great if you could help me promote this too. Lets promote this as much as possible.



Yin Yang

Top Artist support by:-
Joseph Capriati, Spartaque, Pedro Delgardo, Andrea Frisina, Markantonio, Paco Osuna, Anderson Noise, Bagagee Viphex13, Dr. Motte, Dualitik, Irregular Synth, Mark Sherry, Max Graham, Carlos Beltran, Du'ArT, Andy Notalez, Scott Project

Rating : 9 / 10"Cool release. Cristian Arango remix is my fav here"Best Mix : Cristian Arango Remix
Support : Yes
Pedro DelgardoRating : 10 / 10"BOMB TASTIC"Best Mix : Francesco Bove Remix
Support : Yes

Paco Osuna
Rating : 6 / 10"Will try thanks wink emoticon"Best Mix : Andre Lesu & Adrian Oblanca Remix
Support : Yes

Andy NotalezRating : 9 / 10"Cristian Arango Remix & Francesco Bove Remix is perfect!" Best Mix : Francesco Bove Remix
Support : Yes

Carlos BeltranRating : 8 / 10"Enrique Calvetty & Delano Remix for me!! Support!!" Best Mix : Enrique Calvetty & Delano Remix
Support : Yes

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