Dear my fried,

Today, I found that Prof. Myaeng has move to KAIST this March.
Did you know that?

I was watching the program of SIGIR2009 and related pages.
Among these pages, I found Dr. Tetsuya Sakai's blog. He was
in Toshiba and was moved to a Japanese venture company Fresh Eyes
last year, if my merory is wright. I found that he has move to
MSRA(microsoft research asia at Beijing) this June. Then I read his
blog further where he mentioned AIRS2009 which will be held in
Sapporo this year. Then, I remembered Prof. Myaeng. I remembered
that he took sabbatical and stayed MSRA. So, I searched him to
see what he's doing now. Then I found his NEW web page at KAIST.
What a surprise!