If it's alright with you can I just jump into who I am and how I did it?

Alright so the first step in this is making sure I was actually consistent with a strategy that will generate me leads. Before this I never listened to my mentors, my sponsors, no one. I thought I knew it best because I listened to the tapes and I listened to people that were working all day on Facebook recruiting people.

Little did I realize that I was in no way shape or form actually building a list of subscribers that would loyally (and closely) follow my work. What I ended up doing was working harder every day, pitching to other network marketers, and getting constant rejection. Not to mention I wasn't really comfortable sending people a message saying, "Looking to connect with you on here. Look forward to seeing you hit your goals, blah blah blah" while I was simultaneously looking for new reps into my business.

So, it took me TWELVE months to actually say, "Enough's enough! I'm sick and tired of all the prospecting!" That's when I finally decided to listen to my sponsor who at the time built a team of over 200,000 people just through the power of blogging and attraction marketing. So, I will now share with you how I generated my first three leads in one day.

What I basically did for one month was blog consistently, and I made sure to syndicate that blog through various platforms and avenues. So, after I got done writing a good valuable post I basically went ahead and created an article related to the post. I also created a PDF document and uploaded that to document sharing sites to get more traffic. The whole point of this was to simply go to high traffic websites and share content that was of value to people.

More examples of these kinds of sites are Social Media Sites, Forums, and even Blogging sites where people hang out. The key here is understanding that there are also people that have businesses on these sites and that they want to improve in some way and have their problems solved for them. That’s one of the main reasons why I had success.

Here's what I love about my team right now: I basically love the fact that I was taught how to get traffic while I work closely with people that know how to get great conversions online. So basically all I was in charge of this entire time was really just getting and directing traffic while they do all of the capture pages, auto responders, and even sales videos!

So, to put simply a great lead generation technique for me is nothing more than just blogging and making sure I get more traffic to my blog. After this I direct people that actually loved my post to my capture page, and I basically told them to opt-in into my email database to send them high quality content!

For my blog resource center be sure to visit: http://www.work-with-cesar.com To learn more about marketing online, and getting the resources that most people are missing to succeed online be sure to check out the system I personally use to get results at: http://askcesarsoto.com0x00000139,ERROR_CLUSTER_JOIN_ABORTED,ERROR_IPSEC_IKE_PROCESS_ERR_NONCE,Htmldlgsafehelper Class Mshtmled.dll,Rsmanager.dll Is Missing Windows 7
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