It is certainly not grown in a day or two. In my case,, “This chair is wonderful!”↓“Which part do I think it is wonderful?” I ask myself.↓“Oh, I see, this combination of grey and pink with this thin gold legs” I explore my view.↓“How do I expla ... もっと読む

I have been thinking about our Senjukobo newsletter what to feature for the March issue. KISSA BOSSA is one of my choice for March. KISSA BOSSA is a small café just a few minutes’ walk from our office. It is around 2 years we moved our office to Yutenj ... もっと読む

That photo was taken a few years ago at the lounge in San Francisco Airport. It was just before having a buffet meal, so I was quite excited with the happy face. For those who are interested in taking a look, here it is. PS: please don’t look so closely! ... もっと読む

I think everyone has some blue period of time due to your work, study or even human relationships.A while back when I was working at the popular company in the art industry, most of my co-workers were younger than me and only just graduated from vocationa ... もっと読む

As I explained in my previous post, we were hoping to show more about our “B” side of our business as well as “A” side as a main.   One of our side “B” part would be the introduction of our surroundings at “Yuutenji” area where our office loca ... もっと読む