Shelrock Holmes in Japan

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Ten members of Japan Sherlock Holmes Club attended "Reichenbach and Beyond The Final Problem Revisited" held by Reichen Bach Irregulars, on 31 August to 3 September 2017. 
One of them Ms Nakashima provided splendid photographs for the society conference report. You can find her name ath the bottom of upper photo.
Please click it, and enjoy her fine photos and nice reports in English.

Mitch Higurashi joined debates with Peggy Perdue of Canada, who is also a member of Japan Sherlock Holmes Club, on skills of Sherlock Holmes.

Some of them, and Hirotaka Ueda BSI attended "Another Weeek Later", at Firenze, Italy, from 8 to 10 September 2017.


Japan Sherlock Holmes Club 2017 Summer convention was held on September 16-17 at Yonago, Tottori.
Yonago is a city of east Japan, face to Japan Sea.


Ms.Shigaki reports JSHC activities.


Mr.ARAI Kiyoshi, BSI talks *Tottori and Sherlock Holmes*. He is a Sherlockian bibliographer, and refered to translators or adoptators of the Canon who had relationship with Tottori.


*Doyle's Detctive Stories* translated by OKAMURA Aizo

Okamura is an English literature scholar one hundred years ago.


Kato Asatori (1886-1938) is also an early translator of the Canon.


Mizuki Shigeru, famous catroonist, wrote a short bioggraghy of Conan Doyle as a spiritualist.


Ms. WASHIHIRA Kei talked *Meitantei Conan and the Canon*.

Already English translations were published, as you know.


Japanese sytle party, ENKAI.
Very pleased Mitch Higurashi, BSI, and ARAI Kiyoshi, BSI.


Mitch talked on unveiling ceremony of London Holmes stature 18 years ago.


Young Mitch!!

Thank you for your nice photos, AKEYAMA-san!! 

Japan Sherlock Holmes Club Karuizawa Seminar was held on August 26 &27.

写真 2017-08-26 14 55 34

The first one was memoirs of London trips, by Miss WASHIHIRA and other members. They talked their episodes during their trip, about five minutes each.

写真 2017-08-26 15 34 39

A Sign to Sherlock Holmes Stature made by JSHC, was renewed.

写真 2017-08-26 16 30 17

 Mr.OKAWA talked on his new Sherlockian book,

"Are there still mysteries on Holmes?"

写真 2017-08-26 23 10 26

Mr.Okawa is also a distingushed amateur magician.

写真 2017-08-27 10 43 27

Mr.Iijima talked on "Sherlock Holmes and Japanese Historical Novels". He publishes many historical mystery novels.

写真 2017-08-27 11 33 03
Ms.Higashiyama BSI, and the leader of this seminar. (???)

写真 2017-08-27 9 30 08

Ms Ando talked on "Aoitori-bunko edition Canon". This is a series of children adaptation by Mr.HIGURASHi Masamichi, BSI.

写真 2017-08-27 9 40 38

Full of such illustrations, in this series.

写真 2017-08-27 11 43 41

Good-bye, see you next year, in Karuizawa!!

 Thank you for nice photos, Akeyama-san!!