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kotoba(コトバ) 2019年 夏号 [雑誌] 

Japan Sherlock Holmes Club Spring Convention is suspended because of corona virus infection.

The 42nd Sherlock Holmes Award was annnounced on net, that KOTOBA magazine 2019 summer issue received.
This is a special issue "Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes."
Mitch Higurashi, Kiyoshi Arai, Hirotaka Ueda and Catherine Cooke contributed to this issue. 


Japan Sherlock Holmes Club Monthly Meeting was held at Myogadani, Tokyo, on Jan 12.
We discussed on our new issue of The World of Holmes vol.42.

This is our official Sherlockian magazine. It is sorry all of them are in Japanese, but now Ms.Amano, Mr.Miyamoto and me are making its summary website in English. Please visit our site and check Japanese Sherlockiana.


The editor in Chief of The World of Holmes is, our friend Hirotaka Ueda, BSI.
In this photo, he was disappointed to find a printing error in our magazine.....


Mr.Akeyama, the conductor of the monthly meeting. Thank you for enjoyable day, Akeyama-san!!