Shelrock Holmes in Japan

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Mitchi HIGURASHI BSI and Naohiko KITAHARA talked on juvenile adaptations of the Canon in Japan.
There are so many editions and children editions for Japanese kids. It would be great fun to collect these colorful illustrated books.


Mr.Kitahara is one of the most active Sherlockians in Japan. He published many Sherlockian parodies, pastiches, and guidebooks of Sherlockian movies and dramas.


That is one of his early works, Sherlockian parodies.


Nearly 60 Sherlockians gathered to listen their splendid presentation.


JSHC monthly meeting was held at Myogadani, Tokyo, on May 14.
The speaker was WATANABE Mineki, one of early members of our society, and leading Sherlockian scholar.
He talked on yachting voyage mentioned in ILLU.
Mr.Watanabe found a book on yachting voyage of late 19th century, and explained how it was.
He also said, at 1902 or around that year, yachting voyages were declined, as large ships were requisisted for Boar War. Mr.Watanabe could not find a ship Baron Gruner and Miss de Melville joined.



The book Mr.Watanabe mentioned.


Under the chairmanship of Mr.Endo, there was a discussion of fascination of RETI.


At the last of discussion, Mitch Higurashi BSI talked on 

All the episodes of the Canon are fine and attractive for us, I believe.