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It is not a Japanese Sherlockiana news, but I received an interesting information from my Russian Friend, Mrs.Shishkina-Korolenko, on Russian eating places Sherlockian.

First, I found Dr.Watson's Restaurant in the latest issue of The Passenger's Log of  The Sydney Passengers. 

She says it would be a new restaurant, and translated its information.

Information from their site:
You are searching for “your” place in city? Come to us! Traditional English kitchen. The greater beer card including grades favourite by British of beer. Сrazy beef steak and roast beef! Have breakfast at us, have dinner with colleagues, spend evenings with friends. It is always tasty, sincere conditions, musical and thematic evenings – at us since the first minutes and up to last drink of English tea pleasantly and easily! 
We borrow loft in a historical part of Moscow. The atmospheric interior with the bricklaying which has kept since 1905, has to rest and dialogue. Two banquet halls contain from 20 up to 6T0 visitors. Own parking. Catering.

Mrs.Shishkina-Korolenko also told me other restaulants and pubs in Russia.

There is cafe Dr. Watson in Ul'yanosk. 
Its emblem silhouette of actor Vitalij Solomin in role of Dr. Watson.


Ul'yanovsk 1

Ul'yanovsk 2

Ul'yanovsk 3

Ul'yanovsk 4

There is Pub Dr. Watson in Ufa.
Ufa 1

Ufa 2

English Pub Sherlock Holmes in Samara.

Samara SH 1

Samara SH

Holmes Pub in Krasnodar.

Krasnodar Pub Sherlock Holmes 1

Krasnodar Pub Sherlock Holmes 02

Krasnodar Pub Sherlock Holmes 03

Krasnodar Pub Sherlock Holmes

Pub (Steak house) Sherlock Holmes in Ufa.

Emblem Ufa

Pub Sherlock Holmes in Orenburg


Orenburg 1

Orenburg 2


Hostel in Krasnodar Sherlock Holmes.

Hostel Sherlock Jolmes in Krasnodar 1

You can see photos

Another presentation of Dr.Naganuma book is, by Mr.Kiyoshi Arai, BSI.
Mr.Arai is the latest, and Dr.Naganuma is the first Japanese member of BSI.
Mr.Arai attends the BSI weekend every year, recently. You might familar with his face.
When he was young, he correspndent with Dr.Naganuma.
One day, he bought a book at an antique bookshop, belonged to Dr.Naganuma collection. Mr.Arai was suprsied to find his own memo to Dr.Naganuma found in that book!