Sherlock Holmes in Japan

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Another presentation of Dr.Naganuma book is, by Mr.Kiyoshi Arai, BSI.
Mr.Arai is the latest, and Dr.Naganuma is the first Japanese member of BSI.
Mr.Arai attends the BSI weekend every year, recently. You might familar with his face.
When he was young, he correspndent with Dr.Naganuma.
One day, he bought a book at an antique bookshop, belonged to Dr.Naganuma collection. Mr.Arai was suprsied to find his own memo to Dr.Naganuma found in that book!


Another video of Dr.Naganuma book presentations on July 8, 2018, JSHC Monthly Meeting.
The presenter is Ms Hiroko Nakashima.
She is a Sherlockian photographer of JSHC, and attended many forign Sherlockian conventions in USA, Swiss, UK, and Italy. Her friends would be pleased to find her.

She talks on "Benefactors of Sherlock Holmes" by Dr.Kohki Naganuma, BSI.


As mentioned before, the latest Japan Sherlock Holmes Club Monthly Meeting's theme was, the firs BSI, Dr.Naganuma and his nine books.
Nine members of JSHC presents his legendary nine books, written 50 years ago, for renew our memory and for new young members.
This video is "Wisdom of Sherlock Holmes", by Miss Sahara. She is young and joined our society only some years ago, but an earnest book collector.
This book won the "Best Naganuma Book", after all the presentations.