Sherlock Holmes in Japan

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Mitch Higrashi talked on "arm in arm" problem at JSHC monthly meeting, Nov. 2018.


Also Peggy Perdue talked on Tronto Reference Library and Conan Doyle Collection.




JSHC Monthly Meeting was held on Oct. 14, 2018.

Meeting room was full of members. Over 40?

Today's   speaker is Prof.Nakanishi. He talked on "Holmes and Music". Esepcially, PATIENCE by Guilbert & Surllivan. 


I did not joined, but JSHC COnveniton in Ishikawa was held on September 29 &30, in Ishikawa. Ishikawa is on the Japan Sea coast,  a few hours from Tokyou by Shinkansen bullet train. It was attacked with a heavy tyhoon that weekend, but all of members were not suffered from any troubles. Luckey.

These are their twitters.