October 16, 2007

Special issue - Rits Live ticket & invitation to year-end live concerts

Today, I received my eagerly-awaited ticket of Campus Live 2007 in Ritsumeikan Univ.. The position of my seat the ticket shows is . . . 37th row. Oh! Toward the back!

However, it cannot be helped. Because this live concert is primarily for the students. I may have to think I'm lucky to have got a ticket for such a concert. I'll spend my time until the day thinking what songs Mai-K will sing at the concert.

And, application forms for the year-end live concerts and the count down one of Mai-K reached me yesterday. I'll apply for the concert held in Osaka. But, I won't apply for the count down one, to my regret, as it'll be impossible to go to it.

The year-end concerts are to be held in Nagoya on Dec.12th, in Osaka on Dec.13th and in Tokyo on Dec.21st. The count down concert is to be held in Yokohama, of course, on Dec.31st, 2007 - Jan.1st, 2008.

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1. Posted by Tatzumoto   October 17, 2007 00:46
Yay! You got your ticket! I hope you enjoy the concert.
I'm really hoping that Mai will release a new album in December for the winter live-tour. Then I can ask my cousin to send it to me for my Birthay!

Anyway, on with the corrections. Overall, it's really good. I can only see a few mistakes, an here they are:
2. Posted by Tatzumoto   October 17, 2007 00:46
First row, you forgot to change "a" into "an"! After it follows a vowel, so youshould change it to an. But in this case, I think it's better to use "my eagerly-awaited".

2nd paragraph: Instead of "It cannot be helped", howabout "I can't do a thing about it." ?

3rd: I don't think you use "year-end" in english... I don't know if there is a wrd for it, so I would just use winter live-tour...hm. Oh, and you forgot to put a "the" in front of "yearend live concerts" and "count down one."

Hope you have fun at Rits!
3. Posted by show−cat   October 18, 2007 00:14
Thank you so much for your comment and corrections.
The word "year-end" was from a Japanese-English dictionary.
I corrected my mistakes on articles in the article today.
Writing in a rush brings mistakes.