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February 16, 2008

Special issue - Mai.K Diary updated in a row -

Mai-K Diary was updated the day before yesterday, yesterday and today in a row. What's happened to Mai-K? This is quite a delightful surprise to me. Anyway, I thank Mai-K so much for reporting new information without delay.

In the article on Feb.14th, Mai-k reported the decision of the design of an Eco-bag attached to the new single (the first limited edition). A photo put in the article shows there are 3 types of the bag in color - blue, red and white? -. And, in the P.S., she wrote that she had handed her staff chocolate gently ("chokotto") as the day was St. Valentine's Day. I envy the staff very much.

Yesterday, she reported the decision of the title of one of her new songs. The title is "Yume ga Saku Haru". Personally, I like a title such as "Yume Saku Haru ni" or "Haru! Yume ga Saku" better than the finally decided title. Oh! I'm so sorry to complain about the title. In the P.S., she told us that she had found a pen easy to use and that she had named the pen "Tappitsu pen". I think it's so nice naming. And, a photo in the article shows that she was writing something with the pen and that she wore a coat then. Although I don't know the place in the photo, there seems to have been no heating there. It's great to work (?) in the room without heating in this season, isn't it? I respect Mai-K so much.

Today, Mai-K reported having watched Joss Stone's live concert in Japan on TV last night. She seems to have been impressed by the concert so much. From her ariticles of these 3 days, we can get to know recording has continued recently.

In the meantime, you know, Feb.14th of this year is the 1st anniversary of the release of Mai-K's 26th single "Season of love". I like the song very much though the lyrics are rather difficult to understand. I consider the song one of songs representing Mai-K. I'll write about my interpretation of the lyrics in my next article.

P.S. The unique access hits of this blog exceeded 4000 on Feb.10, 2008. I'm fully contented with the result.

I thank all the visitors to my blog very much.
It is my wish to put down Japanese articles along with English ones. However, it's too busy for me to do so now. I'd surely like to realize it in the future.

To all the visitors and Mai Communication,
I would greatly appreciate your kind help and support for this blog forever.

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1. 私もライブ行きたいです!!  [ Light in the dark ]   February 17, 2008 01:58
麻衣ちゃんがまたまたBlogを更新してくれました〜o(≧▽≦o) 昨夜のジョス・ストーンのライブというと、WOWOWでやってたやつかな??まあ私は見れないんですけど(泣) 地上波しか入ってないと、ライブ番組なんて殆ど見れないに等しいので寂しいです(TдT) 外ドラだってい...
2. 三度(四?)〜♪  [ ♪両手でバランスとりながら〜♪♪ ]   February 19, 2008 01:23
5 麻衣ちゃんお疲れ様〜♪そんなに気を遣わなくても大丈夫だよ〜♪(笑)ありがとう〜♪(KAkashi)


1. Posted by Tatzumoto   February 17, 2008 07:29
Haha, I like your "Haru! Yume ga Saku."^^

Congratz on the 4000 unique visitors!Keep it up with your unique blog!!

2. Posted by show−cat   February 17, 2008 15:31
Thank you so much for your words of congratulations and encouragement.

I'll update my blog at least once a week.
3. Posted by pochi9   February 17, 2008 23:50

New Single、レコーディングも順調に進んでいるようですし、タイトルも、ジャケットも決まって、発売が楽しみですね。

「Season of love」の感想も楽しみにしています♪(^-^)/
4. Posted by show−cat   February 18, 2008 21:43

New singleの初回盤は、1週間前に予約しました。
「Season of love」の詞は難解ですが、私なりの解釈を書きたいと思います。
5. Posted by のりぃ   February 18, 2008 23:09
Thanks for trabkback.
I like "Season of love",too. In this song, I think she faces and approach to her mind.

I am going to write interpretations about all of her songs in my note during vacation.
6. Posted by show−cat   February 20, 2008 00:14
I think your interpretation of "Season of love" is different from mine.
I'd like to get to know your interpretation of not only the song but also other songs of Mai-K someday.


Special issue - New information on Mai-K -Extra special issue - Reason for Mai-K's frequent updating of her Diary -