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March 02, 2008

Magnetism of Mai-K's lyrics

Yesterday, Mai-K Diary was updated. Many thanks to Mai-K for updating frequently though being busy. According to the article, shooting of her new song's PV (?) was done the day before yesterday. I'd like to see the PV as soon as possible. On coming home, she had cocoa and miso soup. How healthy!? And, it seems that "CoreRhythms" is a recent pleasant topic of conversation between her and the staff.

Now, I'm absolutely fascinated with lyrics by Mai-K in addition to her humanity, personality, voice, singing and looks. I like the world views her lyrics bring to us very much. However, I've never deeply think about the reasons I'm so attracted by her lyrics. So, I'd like to make conjectures on them today. They are as follows:

1. Simple words and abstraction
Mai-K usually uses simple Japanese words in her lyrics. However, her lyrics are often abstract as a whole even though each phrase is concrete. I think the abstraction gives her lyrics "depth". So, in many cases, we can interpret her lyrics any way we like. And, it is frequent with her songs that the song that apparently seems to be a love one actually describes universal love.

2. Various techniques
In Mai-K's lyrics, we can see various techniques, that is, figurative expression, personification, pun, inversion and so on. And, many of them are excellent.
ex. "Omoikiri Ahaha to Waratte Miyo yo"("Reach for the sky"), "Namida Hirari Matte Itayo"("Time after time . . ."), "Shikakui Kyampasu no Naka ni . . ."("Besuto Obu Hiro"), "Shiroi Yuki Mada Kokoni Kioku no Toge Kanashimi ga Nukenai no . . ."("Shiroi Yuki"), "Benchi sae Iro o Kaete Machi-wabite iru Koibito-tachi o"("Shiroi Yuki"), "Itoshisa to Sabishisa no Hari ga Kodoku o Kizande iku"("Silent love . . . "), "Itsunomanika Utsumuku Kotoba-tachi"("one for me"), "Yume wa Nemuri ni Tsuku Kedo"("secret roses")

3.English phrases and sentences
Mai-K tends to use fairly many English phrases and sentences in her lyrics. They often have important meanings. Moreover, in many cases, they sound pleasant. (She often uses the word "baby" in her lyrics. But, I don't like the word in them so much.)

Mai-K uses a word of colors effectively.
ex. "Suiheisen no Ao no Muko ni"("Delicious Way"), "Gin-iro no Nami ni Futari Tokete-shimai so"("Kaze no La La La"), "Orenji-iro Tomoshita Heya no Mado"("Shiroi Yuki"), "Gin-iro no Namida Nagasu"("Shiroi Yuki")
Besides, she can do such expressions as ordinary people cannot think of.
ex. "Migite ni kimi no Te o Hidari ni Mienai Ashita o"("happy days"), "Futoshita Shisen ga Kagayaki-dashite"("one for me")

I consider the confluence of the above factors have given Mai-K's lyrics taste of her own. I hardly feel any mood of a daily life from her lyrics. Instead, I feel as if the events described in the lyrics were happening in an unreal world. Mai-K's songs would seem to take me to "theme parks".

The above is the magnetism of Mai-K's lyrics I feel.

Mai-K has a great talent for poetry. I regard her as a singing poet. I expect she will be an excellent poet as well as a splendid artist in the future (Already she may be so!).

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1. 撮影〜♪  [ ♪両手でバランスとりながら〜♪♪ ]   March 02, 2008 20:36
5 麻衣ちゃんいつもありがとう☆お疲れ様♪アウトドアでアクティブ麻衣ちゃんだね〜♪どんな作品が完成するのか楽しみ〜☆(≧o≦)ノシ(KAkashi)


1. Posted by pochi9   March 03, 2008 00:35

百人一首を取り込む("State of mind")なんていう芸当ができるのも、麻衣さんならではという気がします

2. Posted by show−cat   March 03, 2008 23:17


3. Posted by のりぃ   March 04, 2008 11:33
I think her lyrics are plain. We can receive her messages and mind from her lyrics easily. This is one of the reason why she is popular among various people,I think. I hope her messages and mind are accepted by the people all over the world.
4. Posted by show−cat   March 04, 2008 23:12
Just as you say, I also think Mai-K's lyrics are fairly simple and plain in case of her ordinary fight song like "always" and "chance for you".
However, I don't think many of her songs are easy to understand. "Season of love" I mentioned in my last article is a typical example of her song difficult to understand.


My interpretation - "Season of love" -Special issue - Mai.K Diary updated, updated, updated ! ! ! -