Back in 2009, when we created our Gossip Girl menu and party plan interactive digital signage, we never even considered a romance between Queen Bee Blair Waldorf and Lonely Boy Dan Humphrey. But over the course of six gloriously campy seasons, the various dividing lines between the show's Upper East Side society set and its more bohemian Brooklynites have become decidedly blurry. Still, as we prepare for Gossip Girl to end its run as our favorite television guilty pleasure, we think it only makes sense to celebrate with dishes and drinks that speak to the show's original, and some might say persistent, struggle between these two worlds rental car companies.

As we originally recommended, you can pick sides and go with either our VIP spread filled with caviar, truffles, and oysters or you can opt for a more casual family supper featuring chili and ice cream sundaes. Alternatively you can follow the spirit of Gossip Girl's story arcs and mix and match from the two worlds, er, menus. You really can't go wrong. The only thing that might disappoint is if the series finale doesn't finally reveal Gossip Girl's identity Wire Hooks Display.