August 12, 2017

東京で久々の個展です and my latest music-work will be exibited!

solo exhibition/個展 "散華 上段-Upper Sange 2017"
2017.Sep.02 - Oct.07 @Yuka Tsuruno Gallery

image: excerpt from a video "becomings / 投げ出された身体"(HD, silent, 2017)

ご無沙汰してます。昨年オランダより帰国してから制作していた新作をYuka Tsuruno Galleryにて発表します。
I will be showing my new work @ Yuka Tsuruno Gallery in Tokyo.
(Please scroll down for the rest of English greetings!)

制作にあたって相談に乗ってくださったたくさんの方々に感謝します。そして快く取材に協力し、持てる知見を惜しみなく披露してくれ、レコーディングも快諾してくれた河合 真人上人、そして忙しいスケジュールの合間を縫って素晴らしい作品解釈と演奏をしてくれたガムラン奏者Welly Hendratmoko、パーカッション奏者Alfin Satrianiの2人に心から感謝します。またインドネシアでの録音に関してコーディネートとアシスタントをやってくれた Rangga Purnama Ajiにも改めてありがとう!最後にビジュアル・リミックス担当 Hyuntae Leeにも感謝!(まだ現在進行系ですが・・・w)

image: excerpt of the illustration from "Gedenkwaerdige Gezantschappen der Oost-Indische Maatschappy in ’t Vereenigde Nederland, aan de Kaisaren van Japan"(1669, Amsterdam)


I will be showing my newest work "散華 上段 - Upper Sange 2017" at my mother gallery in Tokyo, Yuka Tsuruno Gallery. Please come take a look or actually to listen to since it is a piece of "music" that I made with fabulous musicians from Yogyakarta and a monk from Kyoto.

The work features sutra chanting of Rev. Mahito Kawai(head of Zuirin temple of Jyodo sect) whom I met and collaborated with at a music festival in Austria more than 15 years ago! Anyway, it is the 5th chapter of my series called "a long listening journey of a Possible thiStory especially of Japanese & Dutch & something more". The recording was inspired by several illustrations in the Dutch geography book published in 1669, Amsterdam, which has been one of the most important inspiration for the entire series. Some of them shows "temples" of their-imaginary-Japan where people dance around the fire in trance and others contains instruments that are truly similar to Java gamelan instruments. I had tried to graft these inspirations with the world of 2017.

Big Thanks to all who helped me and gave advised and making this piece possible. Especially 河合 真人 (Mahito Kawai) for putting his expertise and willingness to create the piece, and Welly Hendratmoko & Alfin Satriani for understanding the concept and expressing it into great performance!! Also Rangga Purnama Aji for giving me so much time and energy coordinating and be willing to assist me during recording sessions in Yogyakarta. Last but not least, Hyuntae Lee for remixing all the images for the projection.(still in progress at this very momoment!) and not to forget Komatsu Sound Lab, who would make the sound system in the exhibition space, be sure to experience the sound if you are around Tokyo! I guarantee you will not regret to experience their sound system even if you don't like my music! ;)


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