September 09, 2018

卑南河口の音風景 and I hear the thunder roaring from the North!



22nd Aug

Not so hot, I thought and I waited Dr. 楊小青 who is a geo-archeologist. Outside of the cafe next to the exhibition hall in the Peinan Site Park.

Many cicada was already singing their noisy choir but because it was cloudy from the morning, the air wasn’t so hot.

We sat outside, table that is next to a big tree, because the music in the cafe was not what I wanted on my recording. There were some breeze going by where we sat. It was ok though the air was getting a little hotter as the sun goes up.

I started asking questions I had...

According to her, the landscape around Peinan hasn’t change so much from 5000 BP including the delta of 3 rivers, which now locates Taitung city center.

During the conversation, which off course meanders around the subjects, I was very inspired to hear about the tectonic activities detected in this region. In fact, we can see two plates confronting each other in Peinan. The 悪地(badland) on the north side of Peinan river is where the border between Philippines plate and Eurasian plate meet. The land goes up 1cm every year.

The hill or terrace of the hill where we sat, Peinan culture site, is found without any trace of confronting the water directly, she said. They were always meters higher than the water surface. It was kept safer than the deltas, which might have experienced some over flooding of the river.

It made me think that the safety and the energy/active level of the land might have attracted people to settle here, for possibly more than 1000 years.

What made them like to live here?

The following sentences is transcribed at the mouth of the Peinan river, looking towards the river on its south bank, listening to its soundscape on the 5th Aug from 16:13 about 10minutes

Offshore wind not very strong
I heard the thunder roaring from the mountain afar
from the West and the North

Birds are chirping here and there

I hear no waves, it doesn't reach me
but cars on the bridge instead

A guy singing out loud on his motor pass by

Thunder roaring again
from the North and the West
lower and longer than the ones before

Two men taking a walk chatting in Taiwanese or Mandarine
I can’t tell

A thunder again from the North

A fly passing by

Another thunder from the North

In a distance, fire crackers
and a helicopter hovering behind me

A sound on the water
a small fish jumped up from the river a few times


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