September 21, 2018

あの弾丸の行方△泌鋪埒景 and decaying images and texts




One of the tasks I had for my Taipei trip was to check the wartime newspaper 臺灣新報(Taiwan-Shinpo). Based on one of the memoir I found from an interview clip, there should be a newspaper article, possibly with a photo, about the 1945 Peinan excavation by 2 Japanese archaeologists. I wanted to check if the Taiwan-Shinpo have it.

I came to the Taipei National Central Library. It only took me a few min to register after giving my inquiry.
I find libraryan in many countries very helpful and has benifitted from them but this one was fast!

I went upstairs to the Japanese Korean section.

There were only republished anthologies of the old newspaper or to be precise scanned or photocopied old newspapers. I found the volume that contains all of the 1945 and went through the possible dates one after another. The result... you can guess from the image above.

No words to express.

No way to check it further?

Well there must be an original if there is a print of the scan of a copy it...

Maybe I can find the original paper in the Taiwan National Librarry? or possibly in Japan.

Though there are images and letters that I could recognise, it just made me think that it was actually almost impossible for this newspaper to post an article of archaeological excavation... everything else are all about propagated-battle-reports and agitation for the suicidal attack of Kamikaze.

The time is up. They are closing.

Maybe next time.

I have more places to go...


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