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May 08, 2012

久々に行ってきます!and I will be travelling to Montalvo!

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知り合いのKianga Fordというアメリカ人アーティストの作品のために音源を作ったりと久々のコラボレーションワークでして、滞在先はMontalvo Art Centerという総合文化施設で、レジデンス、コンサートホール、展示空間、その他を抱える規模の大きなところの様で有名なトレッキングコースもあるとか、とても歴史的な場所だとか。また着いてから詳しくレポートします!しかもレジデンスにはアーティストだけでなく、なんとシェフがいるらしく平日は夕食を用意してもらえるそうです。こういうのは今までなかった事なのでちょっとドキドキです。

一応、自分の作品を紹介する機会も用意されていて「FINAL FRIDAY」という枠で、いくつかetude作品を紹介する予定です。



It' s been a while since I posted the last article! I had been working on the article series on a monthly Japanese magazine called "Hahanotomo". I am writing a short text and a visual instruction to introduce some of my etude works.

Well, from May 12th to June 22nd, I will be in Montalvo Art Center. It is located in Saratoga City, CA, USA. I will be working mainly to collaborate with Kianga Ford, making sound for her project, but I have my solo presentation as well. Here is the information.

"etude for everyday life"

date: Friday, May 25, 2012, 6 p.m.
venue: Lucas Artists Programs Commons

Okuno's Final Fridays event will include video works and a live presentation of some other "etude" works, which will give the audience some understanding about how he approaches daily products or actions to transform them into sounds and experience.

RSVP on our Facebook Event Page!


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May 19, 2012

アメリカンサイズ and I have arrived at Montalvo!



I have arrived to Montalvo Arts Center a week ago. It's in Saratoga, CA. It is a great place with hiking trail just infront of my studio. I can see blue Jays, some rabits, and according to the people here I might have a chance to see bobcats! or puma! Anyway in very short, it is full of nature here. I am making some sound that goes well with the view on top of this trail, so I am walking up to the lookout point almost everyday. It takes about an hour to get there and come back, so it is a great exercise, too.


This is how my personal studio looks. It is American-size-big. The ceiling may be is about 5m height! They put the grand piano for composers. It is an old Steinway & Sons. I feel very strange looking at walls in the corner of my room, working with my computer...so I put the desk towards the big window, and now I feel so much better! I will show you the inside maybe on my next post.

There are 5 or 6 studios, all separated and house looking. They have made for the specific discipline. For example, the one for sculptors is built in two parts so that the working and living space is separated whereas mine is combined and you can only partitioned into two. The residents are many often with their partners or collaborators, so there are about 15 people all the time. Mostly visual artist, some sound practitioners. Most of them are in their mid-career and older than I. The resident is selected by the curator and committee and so there is no open calls.

The most interesting aspects of Montalvo Arts Center is that they have a chef-in-residence! We have a dinner on the weekdays. It is great that I don't need to cook every night, but more than that it gives me a great break between work, talking to other fellows, and the food is GREAT! I haven't spent much time in the USA after I went back to Japan in 2001, and it is a kind of rediscovery of the way things are.

I will update more next week after my presentation!
so until next time,


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May 28, 2012

念願のアップ!and this is my studio.


こちらが私が現在滞在しているスタジオ兼住居スペースです。この画像で言うとさらに左側にパーティションが開いていますが、その先に、寝室+シャワールーム+クローゼットがあります。天井はちょうど画像に写っている高さの倍ほどあるかと思います。前回も書きましたが画像左側に写っているのがスタインウェイのグランドピアノです。こちらはこの季節は天気もほとんどかわらずからっと晴れていて、気分的にも天候に左右されないので、思い切って!?たまりにたまった面倒な仕事にとりかかりました。やらねばやらねばと思いつつ、長らくほったらかしにしていたホームページの更新です。ここ数年、展示やパフォーマンスが多かったので、いくつかに絞り込んだ上で、画像と簡単なテキストをつけて、それだけですがなかなか大変でした。下記リンクより。2010年から約2年分ようやく念願かなってアップ完了。古い分はそのままですが、音源作りがスムーズにいって、ここにいる間に改良できたら、と思いつつ。http://www.afewnotes.com/etude_index_jp.html 良かったらチェックして下さい!
This is the studio that I am living and working. There is also a bed room with a big closet, and bath room. The wether is great everyday, and I felt like doing some works that I have not been able to get done. I hadn't been updating my Web for 2 years! and there were so many images to put on. It took me a while, but now it is done! Please check them here. http://www.afewnotes.com/etude_index_e.html I have added some information for my activity from 2010-2012.

それと、先日行ったFinal Fridayというイベントでの約40分ほどのパフォーマンスは、ちょうど同じ日の夜にコンサートが企画されていた事もあり、その出演者やレジデンス滞在中のアーティスト達、土曜のピクニックに来ていた家族連れなど、幅広いオーディエンスの方々が集まってくださいました。内容的には、etude no.12 food wrapのビデオからはじまり、そのあとに実際に音を聴いてもらったり、会場でみつけたコート用の大きなハンガーラックとハンガー、私のスタジオにあった背の高い扇風機を使ってetude no.11 steel hanger を実演したり。会場がわりと広いところで40人くらいの規模だったのでコンタクトマイクや、アンプを使ったセッテイングでしたが、他にもおなじみのオリジナルストローや電気ケトルの音などを紹介したり。最後は質疑応答、日本と違ってかなりいろんな人がコメントしたり、質問を気楽にしてくれます。終わってからも色々と声をかけてくれた人達も多く、なかなか好評だったので安心しました。また時間のある時に、他のレジデント達のプロジェクトも紹介したいと思います。
I had a great time at the "Final Friday", 30-40 min presentation. There were variety of people from children to senior, and It was well received. I introduced a video work about etude no.12 food wrap, and passed the cups with wrap in them. Also, I put up the hanger rack with hangers that I found in the venue, and the electric fan from my studio to do etude no.11 installation. There were about 40 people, so I amplified the sound. It sounded great. People seemed to have enjoyed the presentation and it was encouraging for me to have various responses. Thanks for coming out!

There are several farmer's market near the Montalvo Arts Center. This is the one in the college near by. Every Saturday, people come here to buy local organic vegetables, fruits, and so on. I can even walk there, so I probably come back again!


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June 05, 2012

着々と and I am working !


For the collaboration project at Montalvo, I have started recording some tracks. There will be one outdoor sound installation, and 4 tracks that goes into the background of some narration about the history of the site. (Kianga, who is the initiating artist of the project, would make the narration.)

photo: Belvedere at the bottom of the hiking trail.

The sound installation would be at the belvedere. The speakers and other equipments would soon be mounted. It is consisted of 3 independent sound loops which has the different time length. The loops would be played non-synchronized, so that the combination of sound would be changing all the time. The sound would be mixed with the natural ambience and hopefully draw people more to experience the audio trail walking.

photo: view at the mid point

People would stop at the middle of the trail once and listen to the first narration. I have recorded some sound that would be in the background.

photo: a view towards the Lookout point

When people get to the lookout point, they would be able rest on the sculpture/object and listen to 2 or 3 more narration with my sound.

Next time, I will write about what am also working on my up coming exhibition and performance in Hong Kong.

see you soon,


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June 16, 2012

実験してます。and testing a new piece for HK !

image: "etude no.19 book variation with an electric fan"

In July, I will be joining a new music festival "Hell Hot! Music Festival 2012" in Hong Kong. There will be my solo exhibition at 2P Contemporary Art Gallery and a performance with a string quartet / Ligheti Quartet.
この夏は、7月終わりに香港で開催される「Hell Hot! Music Festival 2012」という現代音楽系のフェスティバルに招かれており、個展とパフォーマンスをおこなう予定です。個展は2Pという香港で主にコンセプチャルアートを扱うギャラリーで開催される予定で、パフォーマンスはなんとストリングカルテットとのコラボレーションという異色なものになる予定です。現在、諸々思案実験中です。

There will be several installation works from my "etude for everyday life" series. I am planning to feature "etude no.19 book". The piece is about the sound of page flipping. The simplest variation is the one that visitors are instructed to flip the pages by themselves. For the exhibition in Hong Kong, I am testing if I can do it with an electric fan.

Here in California, the sun light is amazing. I started to shoot some video, too, so maybe the I can show a new video work as well. It is less than a week to go back to Japan, I am not sure if I can finish it. let's see how it goes.

I am not sure if I have any time to post my next article while I am in USA, but I would like to introduce some of the artists that I have met here, and part of my works!

see you soon,


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July 06, 2012

おいしい発見 and about the chef/artist that I met!


It's been more than a week now since I got back from Montalvo Arts Center. The "Karaoke songs" still sticks in my ears...those songs that I only know through my friends singing. (There was a intense Karaoke nights at the common room little before I lett. very funny experience.) I really enjoyed the time there. Drinking and eating with other fellows, hiking in the woods, going rock climbing indoor and outdoor, and off course working in the big studio.

photo: Niki and her garden intern cutting camomile from the off-garden

There was a garden right next to my studio, and every morning I listened to the sound of water sprinkling while I eat my breakfast. It was Niki who takes care of the garden, growing herbs and vegetables. Some often, the herbs and other greens came on our plates straight from the garden.
As I had mentioned on my past posts, during the weekdays at Montalvo, Niki, who is a culinary fellow at Montalvo for this year, always made a great dinner for the residents and the guests. It was an amazing experience to eat at her creative table. It was inspiring to see different kinds of way to cook vegetables, fishes, meat, and etc. At her table, everyone was very relaxed and enjoyed the time with wine, food and chatting with other fellows. It was more than a release of the day.
Her dishes often looks very simple. I meant to say never over decorated, but very charming or even elegant in some case. I don't know how I can describe, but they energize me in many ways. I kept wondering what makes it special. I still don't know it yet, but I like the way she treats the food. I can see her affection to them. They become alive through her hands. Also, there was a sense of discovery. Even if it tasted so good, often times, I still don't know what it is or how she made it, so I asked her and she told me the recipes, and I still don't know how it works to make the taste that I was experiencing. This was fun because I knew that I was eating/encountering something new.
When she uses the wood oven or grill vegetable on fire...I can smell it even from my studio and made me wonder what it would look like, taste like, and soon I become very hungry. It was a delightful moment every time coming down to her studio/kitchen to find out what she is working on for us, and off course tasting them is another level of pleasure. The table was full of "Wow" every time.
You can see some images of the dishes and her reflections of being at Montalvo on her blog; mountains in my spoon
I love cooking for myself and friends, but I do miss sitting at Niki's table.

I will try to write about other artists I met at Montalvo soon!



彼女のブログをみると料理や食事のときの雰囲気等が良く分かると思います。私自身料理はとても好きですし、苦にならないのですが、彼女のブログ(mountains in my spoon)をみるとテーブルでの時間が思い出されて、友達になったアーティストと話しがしたくなったり、なんだかお腹もすいてきました。




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