2015-2016 他人の時間・Time Of Others

June 01, 2016

作品収蔵のご報告&Time of Others exhibition travelling to Australia, Brisbane!

20150525-27 copy

photo: (C) mamoru, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Courtesy of YUKA TSURUNO GALLERY

Exhibition@Queensland Art Gallery|Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane

It’s June! How are you doing? I am about to finish my master in a month meanwhile… my work "THE WAY I HEAR, B.S.LYMAN 5th Movement Polyphony for Collective Imagination" will be exhibited again. "Time of Others", a travelling exhibition which opened in April 2015 and went around, is now going to be re-opened for the last time in Australia, Queensland Art Gallery|Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, from June 11 and ends in September 18, 2016. Thanks to all the artists, curators, staff, and visitors that I got(will get) in contact through this exhibition. The work has been acquired by Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo and now a part of their collection, so I hope that they would show it sometime in the future. Special thanks to all the people I collaborated during the research and MOT and my gallery YUKA TSURUNO GALLERY.

Here is 1min Trailer/Prelude, using the very first part of the whole work(15min). Please have a look!

More about the work(pdf 1.3MB): http://www.afewnotes.com/TWIH_LYMAN_1-4.pdf



大変ご無沙汰しています、久々に展示の案内をさせて下さい。昨年発表した「THE WAY I HEAR, B.S.LYMAN 第5章 協想のためのポリフォニー」ですが再度、オーストラリア・ブリスベンのクイーンズランド州立美術館|現代美術館にて6月11日から9月18日の期間展示されます。2015年4月より巡回していた「他人の時間」展もこれでいよいよファイナルです。もしも夏休みなどでブリスベンに行かれる際は是非ご覧ください。参加アーティスト、キュレーターチーム、スタッフの皆さんいろいろとお世話になりました、そしてご来場下さった (る)皆様、ありがとうございます。おかげさまで作品の方は昨年度、東京都現代美術館に収蔵されました。また近い将来また展示される事を願ってます。何よりもこの物語の舞台であり、リサーチの際に色々な方に協力いただいた北海道と米国マサチューセッツでなんとか展示したいと願っています。


作品詳細(英, pdf):http://www.afewnotes.com/TWIH_LYMAN_1-4.pdf

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July 31, 2015

想像のための幾つかのスコア and upcoming lecture-performance!

image: performance view: "THE WAY I HEAR/Several Scores for Imagination" 2015.Jan.27th, Tokyo

(Please scroll down for English)


「THE WAY I HEAR/想像のための幾つかのスコア」

〒530-0005 大阪府大阪市北区中之島4-2-55 TEL:06-6447-4680(代))
日時:2015年8月8日(土)14:00 - 16:00(休憩あり)
入場:無料、先着130名 ※10:00から整理券を配布







Lecture Performance

"THE WAY I HEAR / Scores for Collective Imaginations"

performer: mamoru(text, talk), Daisuke Kino-shita(flute, talk)
date: 8th, August 2015, 14:00 - 16:00 (with intermission)
venue: The National Museum of Art, Osaka
admission: free, register at the reception from 10:00 -

sound: Komatsu Sound Lab.
organised: The National Museum of Art, Osaka
special thanks: YUKA TSURUNO GALLERY, Asian Contemporary Music Society (ADOK)


Dear readers!
Here is an INVITATION to my upcoming lecture-performance! As a part of "TIME OF OTHERS" exhibition now taking place at The National Museum, Osaka, the lecture-performance will include several projects that I have been working on as I briefly introduce below. I am very much excited to work with DAISUKE-Kinoshita, an excellent Japanese flute player and composer, who will be performing "polyphonic-talk" with me. He will also introduce special techniques of wind-instruments in relation to my WIND STUDY.

-about the "Scores for Collective Imagination"-

"Arnoldus Montanus and Andries Beeckman"
17C Dutch writer, Arnoldus Montanus was the author of "Atlas Japannensis being remarkable addresses by way of Embassy from the East India Company of the United Provinces, to the Emperor of Japan", so-called first Western book of Japanese Historical account and a painter who was his contemporary and went around East Indies as a soldier of Dutch East Indies(VOC).

"B.S.Lyman" (>related posts)
It is based on the research I have been doing over the past 3 years about an American geologist/mine engineer who were hired by the Japanese government in late 19C and conducted an important geological survey and made the first modernised geological map in Japanese history. I will introduce the work I presenting at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, titled "THE WAY I HEAR, B.S.LYMAN, The 5th Movements Polyphony for Collective Imagination". It is 2ch bilingual text-projection with bilingual narration and some field recording.

"WIND STUDY"(>related posts)
It is a fascinating borderless-timeless subject of curiosity and I have indulged into the subject for years; trying out sailing and paragliding, learning science of it, visiting windy locations, researching stories/myths and wind that changed the history. I am so pleased to have an opportunity to invite Daisuke Kino-shita again after the performance we did in earlier this year as a "wind player". He will tell/play us about his thoughts around wind instruments!

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April 30, 2015

協想のためのポリフォニー and about TIME OF OTHERS exhibition

(for English scroll down please!)

現在、東京都現代美術館にて開催中の「他人の時間」展に「THE WAY I HEAR, B.S.ライマン 第五章 協想のためのポリフォニー」という新作の「サウンドインスタレーション」を出品してます。




「他人の時間 - Time Of Others」展@東京都現代美術館



group exhibition "Time Of Others"

I went back to Japan for a little while to install my recent work for the exhibition at MOT, The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. I am presenting a work titled "THE WAY I HEAR, B.S.LYMAN, The 5th Movements Polyphony for Collective Imagination". It is based on the research I have been doing over the past 3 years about an American geologist/mine engineer who were hired by the Japanese government in late 19C and conducted an important geological survey. A continuous chapter from the one I exhibited in 2014; Score for solo imaginative listener. The new chapter consists of several narrations that you hear from wireless headphones, series of short Bilingual(EN/JP) texts on two screen, and edited field recordings and a few other sound. It is 2ch text-projection with stereo sound.

I named the piece as polyphony for "collective imagination" thinking that the installation would become sort of a "score" to inspire collective people in the exhibition space, inviting them into their own imaginary soundscape. I am curious how/whether their imaginations would resonate each other in the space or may be they would not? then becomes parallel imagination?

Speaking of imaginary hearing, I had a very interesting moment when I was editing one part of the text-film. I "heard" one sound that B.S.Lyman might have imagined. Based on different types of research, I am now able to imagine what was like to be there and what you might hear if you were there, but "imagining the imagination of other" was a new layer for me. I have tried to included this sound in the work.

The exhibition runs until the end of June, so if you are ever in Tokyo please visit and see/listen to the work!

"Time Of Others" @ The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
exhibition period: April 11th - June 28th
more about the exhibition > e-flux/announcement

* Although the exhibition will travel to 3 other museums, my installation is planned to be shown only in Tokyo and Brisbane. However, a lecture performance related to the work is going to take place in National Museum of Art Osaka on the 8th Aug!

-National Museum of Art, Osaka
25 July - 23 September 2015
*8th Aug - lecture performance "THE WAY I HEAR"

-Singapore Art Museum
November 19, 2015–February 28, 2016

-Queensland Art Gallery|Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane
June 11–September 18, 2016

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