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Shooting Game Builder beta test 57

SB beta 57

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Fixed a problem that undo and redo were sometimes executed twice.
Added search function to the project window.
Moved category window left/right movement to editor settings.
Fixed a problem with scrolling when editing memos.
Fixed a behavior around text input.
Fixed a bug that prevented the dialog button on the build window from working.


Shooting Game Builder beta test 56

SB beta 56


Set shortcuts to the UndoRedo buttons in various edit windows.
Shortcut settings for the script edit menu and right-click behavior have been corrected.
Added scrollbars to the script edit screen.
Fixed behavior around text input.

  (Undo..CTRL+Z  Redo..SHIFT+CTRL+Z)

Shooting Game Builder beta test 55

SB beta 55


Fixed the synchronization of Timer and Vsync.
Fixed timer cycle was different from old 32bit version.
Fixed the maximum alpha value of 100 for stage edit and shadow to 255.
Fixed to not save the output path at build time to the project.
Added portrait screen mode to the settings screen (under testing)
Added script command "variable.config".


Shooting Game Builder beta test 54

SB beta 54


Fixed a bug that caused an error when closing the app without a project open.
Added pause disable and button disable (default scene transition) to stage edit.
Added continue button setting to stage edit (continue is disabled when not set)
Added scene transition to script command "Control.etc"
Changed the method of determining language


Shooting Game Builder beta test 53

SB beta 53


Fixed a bug that the decision/cancel button names were blank.
Fixed a bug that an error occurs in preview when the number of buttons is set to less than 10 in game settings.
Fixed a bug that the volume of BGM returns to the original level.
Fixed a bug around the priority of the edit window.
Change splash image extension from bmp to bin.


Shooting Game Builder beta test 52

SB beta 52


Added a preview to the configuration screen of game settings.
Fixed a problem with tab order.
Fixed the focus when the edit window is closed.
Added option to restore the edit window on startup.
Fixed IDs being added when load&save.
Supported left/right wheel on the grid.
Supported mouse wheel to switch tabs.


Shooting Game Builder beta test 51

SB beta 51


Fixed a case where the exit confirmation dialog appeared twice.
Modified build window to variable size.
Fixed to incorporate demoXX.bin at build time.
Changed file names of GAME.DAT and SPLASH.BMP at build time.
Added full screen to config screen.
Support for BMP with alpha channel


Shooting Game Builder beta test 50

SB beta 50


Added a setting that automatically saves the file after a certain time.
Fixed some parts that could not be operated with the keyboard.
If a window is moved to the left or up, it will be forced to move to the inside of the screen.
Added designation of folder to write SAVEDATA in game settings.
Added screenshot saving with F12.
Fixed splash image names were not reflected.


Shooting Game Builder beta test 49

SB beta 49


Fixed button judgment and replay.
Fixed a bug that caused combo boxes to go wrong when tabbing scripts.




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