Aura!, the Middle Eastern voiced vocal unit, will have it's first
album debut as produced by "Studio Riccho" on February 15th.
Considered to be ethnic Jazz in concept and genreless of style, Aura!
embodies original music with a distinct perspective of the world and a
twist of funk. Aura!'s 1st album, "UPLEVEL EVERYTHING", epitomizes
the charm and and grace of the Lebanese-Canadian beauty, YARA, who
evolved from a dancer to songstress.

Sapporo発、"Studio Riccio"が プロデュースするアラヴィックヴォイス系ヴォーカルBANDユニット"AURA!"デビュー!!!"エスニックjazz"をコンセプトにジャンルレスなトラックを独自の世-界観で表現する、ダンサーからシンガーへと変貌を遂げたレバノン系カナダ人美女 "YARA"の魅力を凝縮した渾身の1st ALBUM "UPLEVEL EVERYTHING"