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いつもSTUDIO T&Yをご愛顧頂きありがとうございます。


STUDIO T&Yでは様々なコストを削減し企業努力を重ねておりましたが、本日の金銀相場の更なる高騰により現価格の継続が困難な状況となりました。






STUDIO T&Yでは今後も皆様の心に寄り添うジュエリー作りを続けるべく精進して参ります。ご理解頂けましたら幸いです。



代表取締役 村田朋未

[Notice of price revision]

 Thank you for supporting STUDIO T & Y.

As you know,the gold and silver prices are soaring again at a very high rate due to the US bank failure last month.

STUDIO T&Y has made every effort to reduce various costs, but today's further rise in the gold and silver market has made it difficult to continue with the current prices.

It is with great regret that we have decided to revise our prices as follows.

Price revision applies to: all gold products (K24, K18, K10,金貼)

Planned price increase: 10%-15%.

Date of price revision: 15 May 2023

However, due to the limited number of K18 and K10 products available, we may close the order process without notice.

STUDIO T&Y will continue to make every effort to create jewellery that is close to your heart. We would be grateful for your understanding.

Murata Creative Lab.,Ltd.


Representative Director Tomomi Murata