July 25, 2012

Sougetsu Ikebana Lessons - August 2012

We are pleased to announce our lesson schedule (Sogetsu style) for August, 2012. 
Date, Time, Instructor
Friday, August 10, 3pm-6pm, 7pm-9pm (Eikou Sumura)
Sunday,  August 19, 3pm-6pm (Eikou Sumura)
Monday,  August 20, 3pm-6pm, 7pm-8pm (Eikou Sumura)
Wednesday,  August 16, 3pm-6pm, 7pm-9pm (Eikou Sumura)
Saturday,  August 25, 3pm-6pm (Eikou Sumura)
We offer a flexible time range to accommodate students with various lifestyles.
Please make reservations in advance, and start your lesson anytime during the year.

For reservations and course details,
please call/email us at 03-3444-8744 / info@ikebana-atrium.com .
*Please make reservations 4 days prior to your desired lesson date.
*We also offer trial lessons and class observation opportunities.
* If you are coming by car, please bring your hotel parking ticket to class. We will give you a free
parking coupon at the register. Please note, this service is limited to ikebana class students and
shop customers only. Thank you.

The Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa 1F
3-13-1 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0074
MAP: 東京都港区高輪3-13-1

Let's enjoy ikebana using this season's flowers, branches and plants!
We look forward to seeing you.

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