I just had an accident just now.
Go home straight open blog and wrote this.
Luckily I'm not injured, not even minor injury.
No pain from impact, since I drove very slow.
It just that place is too dark, and I hit a cow.... LOL
But I don't tell anyone that I hit a cow.
That will be embarrassing... I told them a girl hit me instead :P
Whatever. I'm going.

All Of Me

Drove by Kampar while having thoughts in my mind.
How to be successful in life?
If you're asking my definion of 'success', it's definitely about stability.
I tried to figure out the roots of my weakness.
At this time, I have to read more books.
I do believe that educated and uneducated are not determined by the certificate,
but those companies out there aren't.
Not trying to discourage uneducated, just saying.
By no education certificate, the only way for me to buckle up is being my own boss.
Oh wai-

In my old days, the worst income that I had is around RM150 for six months (I don't want to talk about it).
As for now, I'm really picky on what am I spending for (not really).
Everytime I touch my blue fifty notes,
my mind automatically reminded me about how hard I'm earned it.

Oh yea, interested to write a letter to you future self?
Come visit here.

Counting Stars

Oh yea.
I've done watching Master's Sun.
Accidentaly saw it on my trip at PD last month, so I decided to watch it anyway.
This drama is rather unique to me.
It gave me different types of emotions; funny, goosebump, scared, shivers, touched, etc.
since it's horror, romance and comeny genre.
The only problem in this drama is the background music.
They stopped most of music so sudden in the end of some scenes,
like a play on slow-motion parts.
You will notice about it if you pay attention on the background music.
However the background musics are good to hear.
Full marks if not about the background music.


I noticed some dramas will have an extremely rich person,
For the sake of ratings, happy ending and romantic scene is a MUST!
Big houses, luxury cars, business owner.. for fantasizing pleasure.
In the end, I'm just watching a modern fairy tale.
Better I stop talking about this, suddenly I don't feel good.


Going to KL in a few days ago, and just got back yesterday.
I hate R&R food courts.
Overprice and taste bad.
Some people even drove to old road from the highway,
just to eat then drove back to highway.
Last time eating a black fried rice, but taste like soy sauce + plain rice.
Two nuggets for RM1. One wrinkled hotdog for RM1.
Overpriced junk foods, snacks.
Some places selling telco top-up but charge extra 50 cents.
Worse than Seven E's price LOL!
We all can change about this pricing problem if we all took part.
By asking for receipt.
They will have a trace record and it's easier for superiors to monitor about the price.


lel purposely use song name as title

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