Poneglyph of a coffee lover - コーヒー好きのPoneglyph。

Are you guys familiar with The Law of Attraction
I figure out something from this video. Last week, I changed my paradigm. It works like a charm :) 
Although I'm still haven't started my business yet, this method helps me.
Of course, by the will of God. 
By changing the paradigm, it's actually about changing your habits.
I wanted to be like a very formidable billionaire, so I imitate their routines.
So far, I only did their morning routines; by waking up early and be active.
It's not much, but the effect is something.
I have enough foods, which is more than enough. 
It also affects people in your surroundings.
The nearest example that I have is my dad.
My dad got the ideas to survive, which is making me surprised by witnessing it.
Right now, he proposes the idea to consigning a breakfast meal in a restaurant,
which has we already made it, and it's quite helpful.
He also did a small-time business by selling fishes with his friend.
It's quite helpful too!
As for my sister, he told my sister to make a loan to buy the current car that she's using,
which is actually my dad's.
It's more like a "refinance" method and it's brilliant.
However, this idea is still in process.
They have their own roles now. Me? 
I helped them without asking for payment.  
I'm still waiting for my business to launch.
It need a few times left to be established.
If my sister did her part,
a few changes of the money are being allocated for me to push into my business.
My part will start there. 

I'm not going to give up!

Today is my BIRTHDAY! 30 September, but I won't be talking about my birthday. 
I want to talk about my top 3 favorite properties that I was eyeing for since I was immature (probably still). 

Desa Park City was supposed to be in my list, but I have changed my mind just now. 
I'm choosing this place because the properties in here are big! 
It does have a nostalgic value since it's nearby my old house, and my friends were still living nearby. However, I do not wish to stay here. 

This place is obviously the place that I "frequently visit". 
It's the most expensive property that exist in my wishlist. 
Anyone who is familiar with my old stories will be able to catch up why 
I'm choosing this place; this is Aya's place. 

This is the top on my list, the best for me! 
I'll have my own villa at the lakeside, and will have my own dock to access the lake (not sure about this). Enjoying the view everyday with my lovely wife (like I have one), of course it would be great! 
I admit I cried when I passed by this area few weeks ago. 
This is my dream. I'll purchase it sooner or later.  

Everything is great, but nothing beats the custom made houses! 
Honestly, own a land and customize everything, creating an own design, 
making own plans for the house is better than having a completed house.
I really took quite a long time to wrote this article.
It's getting late and I have to dive in my bed.
I'm officially 25 years old and in need a good rest.
Have a good day!  

It is time for a change.
I, as a person with a poor educational background, will be hard to make a living in this cruelty world.
I have to admit, employers in my area are such an abuser. 
I am negotiating in the interview session, because it was supposed to be.
No one taught me to listen and nodding my head.
That's probably why I'm jobless?
Aside from the resume issues, probably.

My wish has been granted. 
I will be supervised by my dad, 
while I will be advised by my dad's friend who is a multi-millionaire. 
He told me that he can't lend me money, but will teach me to look for it instead. 
I've been offered with the three options; 
(like choosing the strength, agility & magic options in most of the games when starting a new game);
(it's actually vendor, marketer & merchant).
I've made a choice.
I accepted the offer without hesitation.  
I'll be having a short brief in this weekend for my new task.
Next week is a new month, new life and a fresh start. 

I am ready.