Poneglyph of a coffee lover - コーヒー好きのPoneglyph。

While I'm busy seeking for love,
I just don't realized that I am receiving love at the same time.
Do you know when you texted me that you want me, I'm very happy.
But then I bring up a point that you never pick up my calls everytime I called.
I asked "what's the point of having me if you don't even pick up my calls?"
She frequently called me after that question but I didn't pick up.
We argue a bit, and she even dare me to answer that call.
I bring up this topic last month, she said that if I pick up her call last time,
she want to try it again by saying "do you want to be my boyfriend?".
I really had no clue at all. I thought if I answer it, we might argue on phone.
If I really know she will ask again, I'll surely answer that and said yes.
You one kind of a girl, very brave to ask a guy's out.
That's the only moment that I regret, for not answering her calls.
Nowadays she really had no feelings on me anymore.
She said she forgot how to feeling love on me.
Days by days passed.
She kept giving me a quite unwelcomed comeback everytime I started a conversations.
Few hours ago I said that "you really hit me hard when I dropped my ego by frequently texted you."
I actually really wanted to end this,
but turn up she apologize and explain that she really had no clue about it.
I almost run away but it ended like this. So I think I shouldn't give up.
I opened my twitter and found a quote "if u love someone.u fight for it.not just run away.worst, u just look from afar.with a sad puppy face. man up bitch".
He is right. I shouldn't give up.
It was coincidentally that he tweeted that.
I take it as a sign that I shouldn't stop fighting to win her back.
I'm trying my best not to give up on you anymore.
In life you'll relize that there is a purpose for every person that you meet
and every situations that you're facing.
Some are there to test you, some will use you, some will teach you,
and some will bring out the best in you.

I'm probably can celebrate my birthday this year.
I have waited for this shit by have some money to spent and I hope I can.

Lately, I am slowly accepting myself.
I actually hate myself and my life, but the longer that I've been living,
I'm slowly started to liking myself.
I start accepting my own flaws, my own self.
I realized this when I hurt my hand.
It's bleeding.
I really thought that I am invincible, I am awesome.
Turns out that I am me, I am weak. I'm just a tiny human and I can bleed too.
Since then, I started accepting the fact that I am weak and I can't do anything.
Back then I really living in the upper level that I thought I can do anything and invincible.
I turned to be realist now.
That's a great turning point.
I am actually turned myself slowly to be in my previous upper level by accepting myself first.
Love myself, then I can be anyone.

30 September is my birthday.

Not sure if I have time to celebrate my brthday this year or not @_@
Last week I'm up for holiday for 7 days streaks!
Started 25/8 til 31/8 and I'm so tired.
Nah, just going somewhere nearby (actually it is far).

Lately, my friends told me that I'm smiling like crazy when texting on phone.
I didn't notice that >_>

I'm really tired today.
Just drop by for a while.
I will do the proper one next time.
Ha.. ha..

Read something that I shouldn't read from someone's facebook wall.

*post deleted*

Hmm, alright.