Poneglyph of a coffee lover - コーヒー好きのPoneglyph。

This Saturday I will have my new internet line.
I don't understand most of sellers out there.
They're not punctual and giving false hopes.
Supposed to have it yesterday but being postponed to Saturday.
I restrained myself from scolding him on the phone and almost burst into his office for a scene.
You shouldn't promise for something you can't keep.

Last two days ago I already burst into the printing company for my business card.
Done with everything on the spot, I might get the card after Hari Raya Aidilfitri holiday.
You lack of experienced staffs. You're chasing after big money.
Hence, you don't give attention on small margin jobs.
You're playing tender. You feel safe on your debit sources.
Your office environment is boring.
As far as I know, for printing / publishing companies,
they source of power is from their office environment.
Lighten up the mood and they will get a clearer views.

Same case like my new phone which is in service center.
Why the shop didn't give me an 1-on-1 replacement since it's broken not even in a week?
It's already passed a month and half. Why service center are too slow fixing my phone?
Do I have to keep mailing to you guys and let you guys pushing the center instead?
Both of them are keen for reaching their financial goals.
I recommended that both of them should concerned on the satisfaction of their customers.

I learned every flaws they made and convert it as an intel.
If karma doesn't hit them, I will.

I've established a company in 17 July 2014.
I need an identity first before proceed to lobbying.
Now on my way to make an expensive-looking business card.
No kidding, it's expensive by the way, but embossed cards are more expensive.
With double-sided specs with a spot uv and matt laminate finishing,
and probably with curves (have to wait for the shop to reconfirm about this service).
A 250gsm thinkness (I still prefer 310gsm and above), I hope this card will turn out well like this.
My early plan is go for black color, but I pick gold color instead with a black color on font.
Graphic designers are still designing things and I still have time to change what kind of card that I want.
I have to see the design first. If I'm not satisfied,
I might told them to make my card looks like a gold bar with fonts like being crafted on.
I choose 'printing and publishing' as my main industry
because choosing 'marketing' as my industry is not available without a specific target.
However, I stated 5 services behind my card which are not an industrial related among themselves.
Details at my front card are only company name, my title and my name like the picture above.
I put my number, address, email, and services at the back.
It's really an one of a kind card to me at least.
I want it to looks elegant, well-structured paragraphs and attractive.
It's one of my childish strategy, I want people to feel threated by looking at it.

Next, I will get a decent business card case.
I'm eyeing on this product but the price is high which is lead me to get a better product.
My current card case is this steel case which is brought by my dad from Japan.
The space is very limited and only can store around 13 cards in one time.

I also eyeing on a money clip wallet, but I have too many cards in my wallet.
So far, this wallet stimulate me, but only have 6 spaces for cards.
My ID and license already took 2 spaces... nope, not going to buy it.
At least my current seasoned wallet can put picture of me,
some important business cards and receipts at the money's side.
No new wallet for me at least for this moment.

For travelling purpose,
I'm going to grab this! Yes it's for woman but who cares right? Hahaha.
At least I can put a note, cellphone, powerbank, cables, bandages, pens, business cards
and some important papers in it. Portable and easy to carry everywhere.
My jeans are heavy.
I put my wallet, lighter, cable, business card case and sometimes a baton in my right pocket.
Meanwhile, a powerbank, cellphone, and box of cigarette (sometimes two) in my left pocket.
Carrying a bag everywhere are troublesome and easy to be snatched anyway.
Leg pouches are aggresive-looking so I declined.
Waist pouches are nightmarket-boss-looking so I declined as well.
Shoulder pouches are not suitable unless I'm carrying a pistol.
A belt pouches might be helpful, but not for my gears.
It's usually used as medicine kit, or a set of flying daggers? Hahaha.
So what choices are left for me except this cute girlish travel pouch?

For my phones I'm currently using Zenfone 4, my Zenfone 6 still in service center.
I'm going to grab a waterproof dry bag case in case I'm going to attend some wet activities.
An armband bag case for sport activities.
A tempered glass screen protector and probably a flip case.
A mini waterproof camera (Go Pro) with a hand / wrist mounts for multi-purpose shots.
A mini tripod for cellphone for a video recording, and a monopod for selfie... joke.

For my workstation,
I'm plan to purchase an all-in-one printer.
If the budget is too high, I just go with a lower price that only allow me to print and scan.
I recalled about myself always printed out some walkthrough for some games when I was a kid, funny.
I need an account software. I failed my accouting subject so I need computer's help to do it for me.
A new office table for my paperworks and my computer.
Of course a good chair as well for my body.
How about a bean bag chair to relax on it while taking a break? It's a good idea.
I need some awesome furnitures for both working and bedroom as well (since I work from my room).
Thank goodness I can perform though my comfort zone. I might be lucky.

From all the things that I've listed out, highly possibiIity I might only got the card.
I'm not capable to achieve what I want at least for now.
But we didn't know about it unless we try.
That's the future.
Nothing coincidentally happened, it will form for you in the future, be it a good way or vice versa.
That's not important, the way you handle it is important.
Still, we didn't know about it unless we try.
At least we still have 50% chances to win rather than not trying at all.

Am I right?

For the very first time I update my blog using my phone. I'm heading somewhere.

I just realized, I'm no longer the old me.
I clearly lose my sense of humour, serious and and hot-headed. I also prefer to be alone or in a quite small group.

For God's sake I don't know what is happening and bye.