Poneglyph of a coffee lover - コーヒー好きのPoneglyph。

So I knew a girl online from Dota 2.
She wrote about me in her diary, why not I wrote about her here?
She's Hana, from Vietnam.
Knew her since April.
In 10 August I decided to PM her from Facebook,
and we PMed everyday even though right now.
Last Monday my dad transferred to Ipoh's Hospital from Kampar's Hospital.
I'm seriously felt down and depressed.
Thanks to Hana she did accompany me since 7pm until 2am when I reached home.
Now I'm putting my biggest respect on her for cheered me up.
Quite a keeper, isn't she?
Lovely girl.


Anytime from now,
doctors will perform a surgery on my dad.
High-risk surgery, semi-critical.

Best of luck, dad.

I stay in Kampar.
Parents stay in Taiping.
I decided to stay instead of following them,
demonstrating that I'm against their new place.
I once almost win my family back by set out a new place to rent.
Owner returned my deposit and he changed his mind about renting his property to us,
as expected.

My personality changed dramatically.
I'm losing the human touch in me.
I'm envy of people's achievements, jealous of people's good life.
As I wrote in my previous entries,
I expected myself that someday I'll turn to heartless.
I can say it's quite true since I'm feeling the progress now.
When the right time comes, I'm going to be completely evil.
By then I might being 'crazy' at the moment.
I hope something happened beforehand to stop me from being insane,
but I rather choose 'evil' over depression.