Poneglyph of a coffee lover - コーヒー好きのPoneglyph。

Fell down to the lowest ground.
Cannot retrieve my ROI at them moment.

Passed midnight, today is the 3rd of January.
2015 is probably one of the toughest year for me.
I will not getting paid for 3 months on my investment.
Tough investments leads to tough competitors.
As expected and luckily my dad proposed me a brand-new business for me to handle.
Now I am waiting for the exact date to start, while composing a warm-up.
I'm focusing on side jobs at the moment.
Talk about it, my friend proposed me to be a shareholder in his business.
That's a quite good business, a car wash that only need a small capital but,
I'm still considering about it due to my experience toward his understanding of business.
Some people are hard-headed, some people are not trustworthy.

After living a while in this countryside,
I noticed that the youngsters here are badly behaved than city people.
They are tend to be closed-minded and that's make it even worse.
Glaring and unhappy faces are commons when seeing them on the public.
I often spent time with old people here,
unintentionally makes me invincible to touch due to my strong contacts.
I am probably their dad's friend, that is why :P
I don't care about having friends anymore.
I am finally comfortable being alone and can handle being alone.
It's fun! Most of times I were just reflected on myself while enjoyed my coffees.

I might going out after this to draw some perfectly clean airs.
Felt a bit baggy since the fuel prices descended,
can run slightly far.

Settled my bank outstanding.
Now only two debt left which is from an acquaintance and a friend.
I'm looking for his contact numbers but failed to retrieve it.
Another one keep forgetting to send her bank account numbers to me.
Will be a debt free soon.
Then I'm going to start apply a CC.
Using DC such a pain in the ass,
especially they took quite big amount for pre-auth a purchasement like petrols.
CC combined with petrol benefits and loyalty cards are awesome.
Then I can start adding colors into my life.

How was you guys?
I.. gained some weights.. hahaha.
I have a very unhealthy habits.
I know you can guess it anyway. I don't want to talk about it.
I might consider to try walking in a different paths.
I need to experience some new things and I should overcome my obstacles.

I wish that you guys are doing well in life.
Next time.