Poneglyph of a coffee lover - コーヒー好きのPoneglyph。

People always suggest you to get out of your comfort zone to be successful.
Did they mean by moving out of our family, or just going out of our room? 
In my opinion, everything has their own pros and cons.
As for myself, I'll choose NOT to.
Let me explain why I decided to not to.

Family is always a priority. 

My goal is pretty useless without my family anyway. I can't get out of it because I'm in charge to take care of my family, especially my dad who's not in a good health condition. 
I'll never leave them if they're in a good condition anyway.
It's just a choice that I've decided.
Unless we're talking about going out of my room, I did that once in a while :P 

"Hujan emas di negeri orang, lebih baik hujan batu di negeri sendiri."
Golden rains in the other's state, yet better a hail from our own's state. 

Home, with a family, will always be the best place to live in.


Why I have to abandon my family just in order to grow? I can grow at almost everywhere.
It doesn't matter anywhere, as long as if there's a pressure, I'll grow. The pressure makes me grow.
How I deal with my problems is actually will make me grow. 
My attitude on how I deal with the problem does matter.
Living in Kampar since Dec 2012 until today is challenging enough, if you read my previous entries. 
Living here is stressful, yet peaceful.


I can always calm myself by blending with natures. Traffics are tolerable.
Night can be breezy. The mosque is located by walking-distance.
It's just enough. I won't ask for more. 
There's a lot of major improvements in the town since I settled down here. 


My feeling welcomed me here, told me to stay and keep looking for it. I actually don't know what it is,
yet I keep looking at my surroundings, in case if I missed something.


Let me explain what did I miss for choosing not to.

Financial improvement. 

It depends on the situation. Maybe someone needs more money to catch up with medical bills, or something important. I think it's okay to get out. As for me, I could care less about money. Money is important, yes, no doubt about it. It's also a powerful tool for me to achieve my dream,
but I believe that opportunities are everywhere. Money will never be a priority to me,
as I don't bow over money. I'm just a poor boy, and still. 
To be able to eat everyday is what I call as a "financial improvement".

It looks like I gave up on financial improvement over the other four things. Did I make the right choice? 
I actually got no idea why am I still staying. I have probably just told me about it just to make me feel better? Probably I'm afraid to go to a new place? I don't know.
Probably I feel a little off-track after having a deep thinking while writing this entry.
It messed up with my mind, and I'm totally exhausted right now. 
2.51AM and hopefully that I can think clearly when I wake up from sleep.


Even my dad gives up on the upcoming business!
Like I've told you before, I won't give up no matter what happens.
He wants to pull himself, that's fine by me.
It doesn't matter how far I'm going to fall.
I'll definitely find my way out from the depth.
I don't mind having to work again, so that I'll have enough money to rebuild my own empire.
I won't give up, unless if I die.
I won't give up!

I won't..........................

Are you guys familiar with The Law of Attraction
I figure out something from this video. Last week, I changed my paradigm. It works like a charm :) 
Although I'm still haven't started my business yet, this method helps me.
Of course, by the will of God. 
By changing the paradigm, it's actually about changing your habits.
I wanted to be like a very formidable billionaire, so I imitate their routines.
So far, I only did their morning routines; by waking up early and be active.
It's not much, but the effect is something.
I have enough foods, which is more than enough. 
It also affects people in your surroundings.
The nearest example that I have is my dad.
My dad got the ideas to survive, which is making me surprised by witnessing it.
Right now, he proposes the idea to consigning a breakfast meal in a restaurant,
which has we already made it, and it's quite helpful.
He also did a small-time business by selling fishes with his friend.
It's quite helpful too!
As for my sister, he told my sister to make a loan to buy the current car that she's using,
which is actually my dad's.
It's more like a "refinance" method and it's brilliant.
However, this idea is still in process.
They have their own roles now. Me? 
I helped them without asking for payment.  
I'm still waiting for my business to launch.
It need a few times left to be established.
If my sister did her part,
a few changes of the money are being allocated for me to push into my business.
My part will start there. 

I'm not going to give up!