Poneglyph of a coffee lover - コーヒー好きのPoneglyph。

I knew a guy from an online game.
We talked for a while, and then he asked about my occupation.
I said I'm still looking for a job, and suddenly he offered me a job in Subang Jaya.

Since it's too far, I had to turn down the offer, but insisted him to guide me about my resume,
as I told him there might be something wrong in my resume and need advice about it.
I don't know why, my instinct told me that he can be trusted, so I emailed him my resume.

Surprisingly, he made me realized that I've made too much mistake on my resume, so he's without hesitating, emailed me his resume for me to have a look.
He even guide me to selling it out; make the first page to look appealing like a book cover.  
I even had to replace my picture by using the typical photo booth picture,
just to make it looks professional. 

I finally successfully created a brand-new resume out of his ideas.
It does look two times better than my old one, and the first page is totally terrific.  
I've made two versions of it.
The first one looks professional, and I'm totally nailed about the selling-it-out part.
The second one is downgraded version, which I have to throw out some of my details,
specially made in case I want to apply for an entry level / non-executive jobs,
and to make the company feel less intimidated by the actual resume.

This is totally unexpected aid that is coming by fate.
I didn't expect for an online people to assist me, and don't hesitate to give his resume to me as well. Truly a strong fundamental of trust.
I'm looking forward to meet this guy in real life, in case I'm going to his place in the future. 
By the way, the job that he's offered to me is not a joke! The salary is high and the job is secured. It's just that I had to turn it down since it's too far, and I'm not willing to let go of my responsibilities to look after my family. Maybe this one isn't mine, but I'll eventually find one here.

Hello June.
Yes, I know you're still not here, but I wrote this article for you.  
Maybe I really got no time for you when you're coming.  

Today is Saturday, and I'm bored. 
Recently I studied about human personalities.
I've made a deeper observation of strangers, and I learned about the level of eye contacts. 
It's got something to do with the impression, but the real deal is the aura itselves.
Yes, I have talked about this before in my previous article, so I won't elaborate it again.
On the other hand, I'm doing good, but my mind doesn't.
I tried to develop my leadership traits, but it's getting harder and harder by days,
and I'm getting more confused when try to seek for answers. 
No, I'm not whining. I just shared about what I've experienced.
It's sure interesting to discover and develop about it, thus the game is paying the right prize itself.

I retrieved back my internet after few days missing. It's just that I haven't updated here in a while since I really don't know what to talk anymore. Right now I'm having a deep thinking about what I really wanted in my life.
I wanted a house. The Glades, located in Putra Heights. Back in my high school, I am already eyeing into that property, even though it's under construction by that time. It's my dream ever since. 
I don't know why I forgot about it, and finally I remembered. Yes, I want it so that I can live it with my family and of course, with my lovely wife. 

Talk about wife, well right now I'm pursuing the living Aya, the real one. Let's call her Ju. She's from Thailand, I reckon the exact location is probably Bangkok. I found out that she's a year younger than me but it's alright. I just set my own goals. Everything I want is coming. Relax and let the universe pick up the timing and the way. I just need to trust that what I want is coming, and watch how fast it comes.

Somehow, the will itself relates to the dream. I find it funny, but there's a lot of things happened and it's actually responded by my wills. Last time I unconsciously made a group of teenagers intimidated by my presence; overwhelmed by my willpower. I believe I can train this by removing the negative aura and only let the positive aura in me. I knew how to remove it; I already did it. I just need to sustain in order to keep growing. I wanted to be on the top of others, but I don't have the quality to be the 'king'. I will overcome myself.
Someday I will make my name heard all over the world.
Izham H.