Poneglyph of a coffee lover - コーヒー好きのPoneglyph。

A long time ago, I worked for 13 hours a day with only one-day off in a week during weekdays. It was really a tough time. I had to buy a plain rice and only mixed it with a gravy to fill myself. 
It's a tough six months work, and I had to leave due to the working dissatisfaction after I realized that I'm an actually being underpaid and abused by my management.

After that, I met a guy who rented a trading lot in front of my previous outlet. He invited me to join his business as a "partner". I used 6 months to help him by going to every possible shops in Klang Valley in order to consign & sell his products in their shops. The actual salary that I had is only RM150 for the six month period. I'm being abused, and promised to be a shareholder, while there's no black & white agreement for that.

While wasting my 6 months on that business, someone introduces me a highway project and want me to be a marketing representative to sell the bond to contractors. I did well, I've finally found a guy who can help me to find a contractor, and he did. Both sided are met, but contractors trying to cast away us to deal directly with the project owner. As a safe move, my side had to cancel the deal and my one million Ringgit margin has been dream like it used to be. 

I worked at a printing shop only for three months before I'm moving to Perak afterwards. A very good company and I've been treated nicely. 

I established my own company in 2014. I had to close last year because I don't have any reserved for maintaining it; invested my money in 999 gold bars, but the companies that I've been investing are running away and nowadays still wanted by the authorities. I had no choice, due to no demand for my business in here, I had to play the other way to maintain my company, but ended up catching myself in the game.

Today, I'm still looking for a job, but I did some works with my dad's friends; [1] collecting oil palm's fruits & [2] drive my car to retrieve fruits stocks for a stall.

 I plan to work as for now while collecting a sum of money as a capital for my upcoming business, since I finally discovered what I really wanted to do and what I really wanted in life.

This might be my last update before a lengthy hiatus. I failed to catch up my internet bills and will be having no internet starts in April. 

I will gain back what I lost. I promise. 

Just posting a quick update. No, still no jobs. I really had no idea what to do. I'm getting old, but still haven't made any moves to improve my life yet. I don't know, maybe it's not a time for me yet, maybe.

I'm currently waiting for my second smoking pipe to arrive; decided to quitting on smoking cigarette, but smoking pipe instead, but my first smoking pipe is in a bad condition. Whatever it is, at least a pipe is better than a cigarette, in term of everything. 

I've made a few friends, but I can't really commit on this friendship due to having no money to sustain it. I have to rely on the internet to keep in touch but, I am also guessing I'm going to lose my internet connection by next month due to two months behind on the bills.

I've got no idea that where's the direction of my life.
Having a depression lately, started back since last Tuesday. I got no clue why it is happening.

I think that's all. Just a quick update. 
Hopefully I'll be back posting a good news.


I am Izzy. I'm going to be 25 years old this year. I am unemployed. Why it is so hard to get what I want? I wanted a girl to be in love with, I wanted some money to stand on my feet, I wanted a job to make a living, I wanted a friend so I have someone that will back me up, I wanted happiness so that I can fight my depression, I wanted... stop. There is something that will stand on my way every time, when I tried to pursue these things. What is happening? Why it is so hard to achieve it? What mistake that have I done that I've been treated like this? Why........? I feel like wanting to die, but luckily I'm not into suicidal, lol. But yeah, maybe it's about time to live or to die, no?