Poneglyph of a coffee lover - コーヒー好きのPoneglyph。

Read something that I shouldn't read from someone's facebook wall.

*post deleted*

Hmm, alright.

Planning ahead is important.
That's what I do when I started leaving high school.
Planning only.... end up I am being spontaneous.

My glorious old plan sounded like this;
2009 - Electronic cert in Johor Bahru, Johor.
2010 - Diploma in Electronic in KPM Beranang, Selangor.
2012 - Electronic in Degree in Tokyo, Japan, under sponsorship.
Current - Living in Japan and chasing Horikita Maki.

What's actually happened;
2010 - Part-time in Gintell. My character developed here.
Thanks to this job I'm able to face the crowds.
2011 - Helping friend's company.
This is where I learned about handling own business by his experiences.
At this year, I almost scored a million ringgit due to introducing a funder to a contractor.
I'm 20 years old only.
2012 - Working in a printing company. I learned the proper way to lobbying and expanding my network.
I also fight for tenders and face many types of people.
2013 - Age of recovery, I started over my life since I'm moving to Perak since last year's December.
I learned the hard way of being a fruit seller, doing some village works and all.
I also reunited with my old Gintell boss here and helping him selling cars.
2014 - Just opened my company. However, it is different with my old plans.
I planned to upgrade my level of education, but in the end my education level is the lowest.
Current - Upgrading my income to compete with salary of my crush's dad, a director,
and of course, my crush is not Horikita Maki anymore.
There is a girl that always support me when I'm chasing Maki.
We're kinda know each otherfrom a very long time ago,
probably 7 to 8 years already, since Myspace.
When I'm finally moved here, I just realized she's living quite nearby with my old home.
It's tough anyway.
She's kinda scared to meet me. I don't know why = ="
But I love her, at least right now.
I'm always face the negative sides of love thingy anyway.
I gave up easily for the sake of someone's freedom.

"If a guy starting to love someone, he would not treat other women.
He will be automatically become mature, all because of the person he loved."
Found a quote telling this.
It's true.

So how was your day readers?
I hope you guys are feeling well and good.

WAIT I visit my blog and saw Seri Kembangan in my Live Traffic Feed as my location as I entered.
The problem is I am from Kampar LOL but Seri Kembangan is where my crush lived...
It's funny! I'm going to screen capture this and there it is!

Have a good day everyone! ^^
*still laughing*