Poneglyph of a coffee lover - コーヒー好きのPoneglyph。

What a nice November we're having, I presume?
I hope that you guys are feeling well.
There's plenty of my friends who are facing a hard time.
3 friends lost their fathers, 1 friend lost his mom and another friend lose her father-in-law.
I hope they all can overcome their pressures to keep looking forward incoming bright days.
I pray that we all will be kept away from disasters.

Recently there's too much of my friends that are getting married.
Congratulations to all of them as well.
I might can't come as I lived far from you guys now.

I'm slowly stabilizing my life.
I'm going to start with pay my outstandings and loans,
then can focus on something else like a house, a car, furnitures, gadgets or a girlfriend?
Hahaha xD
I also often visit Starbucks, which is I wish I should minimize my visits there,
wasted too much moneys.
Almost RM20 per cup actually can save me at least for two days with a regular meal,
or one day daily foods.
If in fuel, that amount can make me travel at least 100km more or less with my car.
That amount is a big enough for a poor like me.
I just don't know why I'm so addicted going there for a coffee.
But hey, at least I'm not drinking alcoholic drinks, right? ;)
Maybe I should visit there sometimes, like once a week or two.

I really wanted to visit Lake Kenyir.
Have been keeping this wish for a long time already.
Probably someday I'm going to travel there alone :P
Hey, I think I should start back playing violin.
Lindsey Stirling really gave me an impact to play it back.

Keep in touch.
Will be back here again shortly.

Hi there.
There's a girl who thought that I'm a playboy.
I guess she might have seen my charismatic character and assume me like that.
She just hate about me going out with other girls, as I know now she have a crush on me (100% confirmed).
I started to hate love thingy since last month.
I won't let myself being weak for that, even though that's the only way to unlock the real me.
I'm sorry lass.

I posted about sending a message to yourself in the future before on my previous entry.
I got a letter from myself on my birthday.
I wrote it in 7 March 2014.
It's funny, yet mesmerizing.
I insult myself in the mail about how's I'm doing when reached 23 years old,
probably still doing nothing and still a loser.
The message is sounds like this;
OhLife TimeCapsule
Dear Me (in the future),
Wrote this in 7 March 2014.
So, how is your life? Must be BS haha since you all talk only no action taken. Serve you right.

Surprisingly, the insult is invalid since I already woke up for business war.
Ha ha ha.
If you're interested, you can give a try in here.

I visit Starbucks for a quite often lately.
Been there again last 2 days ago, paying my Venti and 2 Grande for almost RM50.
The price is worth the taste, but I have to calm down.
By visiting there often just doesn't get me anywhere!
I have to watch over on my spending.
I think I should plant myself a good coffee tree and brew the beans by myself.
Talks about it I think that's quite possible.
It's almost 2 years since I moved here in my village.
I learned that some of the people here using the hard-way-earning method to earn their daily income.
That's including going into the forest to collect the forest revenue and fishing.
Dealing always been in cash but fast-return income, but tiring.
I'll find a way to leverage this thing.

I'm investing on a cast bar and stuck.
I recommended for those who are interested to invest,
please invest with your extra money, not your loan money.
You should learn to control that and do some backups.
I'm currently doing a full-time investment and I had to place my games on the other lines as well.
Until I have enough income, I'm going for trading.
Of course it's providing a less profit than the investment, but at least that's the safe game.
This is me now, facing the real world, but sadly I woke up a bit late,
but that's doesn't mean that I can't catch up.
Someday I'll make my name heard all around the world.

It's almost 3 months I've been operating my own company.
What actually I'm doing is deviated far from my main business industry,
can say I run business under a false name.
However I manage to beat my previous monthly salary and I hope I can do better.
I'm still using personal savings account and messed it up with business funds.
I hope my account doesn't draw much attentions to the banker.
I'm going to open a commercial current account soon.
I have to redo my business namecard since I put my house address on it
and it doesn't look professional at all. Virtual office might be the answer.

Many things happened and I adapt the experiences well.
Sometimes we do like something but it might be bad for us,
while we do hate something but it's actually good for us.
To be able to see it, first we have to appreciate what we're currently have.

See you again.
I'll be back with a quality entry next time.